Bad Credit Home Loans

Are you worried about your bad credit? Have you tried to apply for a loan and failed? We here at Intellichoice is happy to announce that we can help you about this concern through our direct and ethical method of service that really satisfies your needs. By this, we mean by carefully doing business with you without having to worsen your troubles on your credit history. We do offer a good program for bad credit home loans that most banks do not approve.

Intellichoice wants you to actualize your dream of owning your own home by helping you on many aspects and opportunities such as getting access to ideal funding sources and connecting to companies that are sincerely assisting borrowers applying for bad credit home loan or bad credit mortgage for their investment projects.

First, you have to review your credit history for you to be sure that you have no bad credit listings. You can check your credit file by obtaining a copy of your credit report from VEDA Advantage. In a case to case basis, customer’s credit history is being assessed through different requirements that’s why there are really enough options to choose from.

Here at Intellichoice, borrowers with bad credit rating have more chances of good assessment and approval compared to traditional lenders by helping them find the right investor for their loan application. These are very in favor to those people who have suffered serious financial crisis due to different reasons such as business bankruptcy, job loss, accidents/injury, divorce, etc. These situations result to black marks on credit file and mostly to denial of credit application by traditional lenders.

If you are planning to get a credit repair program before applying for bad credit home loan, this also will not qualify you as lenders but will only help those who are in a bad credit situation. It is better to contact Intellichoice about this first so that our experts can assist you on fixing your credit situation. Credit report shows all your credit related transactions in the last 5 years including those which are already paid and in case of bankruptcy, this information remains on file up to 7 years.

When you have a bad credit, it is much harder to get a mortgage insurance that is why for this kind of system, you are most likely to be required to offer bigger deposits. In addition, if you are borrowing more than 80% of your property value, you are also most likely to be required to get Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). It is somewhat a difficult process that is why Intellichoice offers its best to assist you with all the information and requirements you need to get approval on bad credit loan in an ethical and simple way.

For years, Intellichoice has been providing bad credit home loans through the foundation of its enormous amounts of experience that resulted to its expertise. This wealth of experience has allowed us to help many individuals who have bad credit history but still very eager to get a loan or own a home of their dream. What are you waiting for? Please contact us ASAP at these number so we can talk about your credit situation: 1300 55 10 45.