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Finding out that you have a poor credit score can feel like adding insult to injury,

because often the kinds of blemishes on a credit file have come about because of an event or situation outside your control. Job loss, relationship breakdown, illness and injury can all have devastating effects and negatively impact your financial footprint. A poor credit score can be the result of unpaid bills, bounced cheques or financial problems such as bankruptcy – all reasons for conventional lenders to decline your application and label you too risky to lend money to. It may come as a surprise, but there ARE lenders who will consider your individual circumstances and approve Bad Credit Home Loans. A specialist Intellichoice Bad Credit Home Loan broker will determine the best options depending on the reason for the poor credit score, and match your application with the appropriate lender. We’ll do what we can to successfully secure finance so you can buy a home, even with a poor credit score. Click on our Online Form to have someone contact you about Bad Credit Home Loans, or Apply Online for speedier service. Keep watching Bad Credit Home Loans videos for more information…