Bad Credit Car Loan Videos

It may come as a surprise, but there are lenders who will consider your individual circumstances and Intellichoice may be able to connect you with the right lender to make your dream car a reality! There might be some hoop-jumping involved, but there IS a chance you can finance that car with a Bad Credit Car Loan through Intellichoice Financial Services.

What is Needed to Complete or Finalise Your Bad Credit Car Loan
  Ok Cool people you have provided everything our broker asked for what now? Well we get busy calculating servicing capacity- reading through and analyzing your financials and data-writing up a credit proposal for you and the lender and once acceptable to both parties we submit for Approval ,and sometimes with a number of calls...
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The Requirements Needed When Applying for a Bad Credit Car Loan
  Bad Credit Car Loans application requires a few financial documentation on your end. Well if applying as a Full Documentation Loan you may need two recent Payslips with a letter confirming employment and your latest group certificate and in some cases a tax assessment notice with three months of recent loan and personal bank...
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How Bad Credit Car Loans have been Used by Others Previously
  Bust A Move-Groovers, and See how these Bad Credit Car Loans are used! Sam and Mark had fallen on hard times with the closing of both their employers’ businesses at the same time. Loans they had went into arrears and things looked Dire. And although they eventually found other Jobs-they needed a new car...
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What Is A Bad Credit Car Loan
  Bad-credit car loans are designed for people who have difficulty obtaining car finance due to a poorly scored credit history. These loans are regularly used by those of us who have been declined by banks and other lenders because of credit defaults, Judgments, Part nines’ or bankruptcy. Intellichoice has access to lenders who are...
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