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Do you have a bad credit history and need a second chance car finance? In the event that you had the wind knocked out of your car purchasing experience due to financial issues in the past or just because you’re struggling to build your credit for the first time, you may be astonished that you have more options than you think.

Having no credit or bad credit is a major stumbling block to getting a car loan because you’re seen as a high-risk client who might default and leave the lender holding a bag of worms. It’s just a reality that until you raise your creditworthiness, you won’t fit the standard lending rules that traditional, big banks have to follow.

Fortunately for you, Intellichoice is here to get you the most perfect you can get! We can help you to achieve your dream of owning a new or secondhand car, fast.

Car Loans with Bad Credit Refinance When Is the Right Time Intellichoice Finance
A car loan refinance is like trading your old vehicle for a new one. As you outgrow your vehicle, you might want to consider getting a new one. Even without enough cash on hand, you can do this through a car refinance. You trade the salvage value of your first car and then re-apply for...
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How to Finance a Car Loan With Bad Credit Intellichoice Finance
Lending companies are strict when it comes to their lending criteria especially for those who have bad credit. So what do you need to do in order to get approval for a car loan with bad credit? Before moving forward, it is important to note that bad credit car loan will demand higher interest rates...
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Bad Credit Car Loans from Private Sellers How Do They Work Intellichoice Finance
Many consumers do not really have the immediate cash to purchase their auto needs. They turn to banks and loan companies for car financing. When you are purchasing from a private car sales, there are a few lenders who are willing to extend financing after a thorough check and investigation. However, there is a small...
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Car Loan Refinance Loans for People with Bad Credit Intellichoice Finance
A bad credit car loan made it possible for you to secure your dream car. With a stable job and another source of income, you have managed to pay your car finance regularly and ahead of time, building your credit positively in the process. You have better control over your finances and even managed to...
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My Bad Credit Car Loan Was Rejected What’s My Next Step Intellichoice Finance
Your bad credit auto loan application was rejected. This is mostly bad news. Applying for a second chance loan is not easy. It requires several documents that prove your “worth” as a lendee. The process of assessment and approval also takes longer compared to a regular car loan. However, after all your efforts, your application...
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Bad Credit Car Financing FAQs Answers to Your Common Bad Credit Car Loan Questions Intellichoice Finance
Bad credit car financing is open for people who would want to get a second chance car loan. Even with bad credit, it is still possible to finance a vehicle loan. Having bad credit does not mean that a person is financially incapable of purchasing a personal asset. Most of them had several missed payments...
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Loans for People With Bad Credit Bad Credit Mortgages and Financing Intellichoice Finance
Do you have a bad credit and wondering if it is possible for you to take out a loan? It is possible to get loans for people with bad credit. On the other hand, you will have to do more research on lending institutions willing to work with you. You are would want to find...
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Bad Credit Car Finance Advantages of a Second Chance Car Loan Intellichoice Finance
If you have a bad credit on file, your chances to take out a loan is too low. But know that even if you have a low chance of getting a loan from banks, you can still get car financing depending on your financial situation. Many car dealerships are willing to extend car financing to...
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Top 11 Tips to Follow for Bad Credit Car Loans Guaranteed Approval Intellichoice Finance
Is it possible to get a guaranteed approval when applying for bad credit car loans? Non-conventional lenders, just like traditional banks and lenders will investigate your credit history and finances in a bad credit auto loan application. However, unlike regular banks, they tend to understand your situation more and could give you a second chance...
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Calculator Determining Your Buying Power Can You Afford a Car Loan
Determining Your Buying Power: Can You Afford A Car Loan? Are you ready to buy a car? Can you afford the latest Toyota model released 2 years ago? Determine your buying power to find out if you can afford a car loan. Your borrowing power will dictate the amount a loaning company can lend you...
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