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Do you have a bad credit history and need a second chance car finance? In the event that you had the wind knocked out of your car purchasing experience due to financial issues in the past or just because you’re struggling to build your credit for the first time, you may be astonished that you have more options than you think.

Having no credit or bad credit is a major stumbling block to getting a car loan because you’re seen as a high-risk client who might default and leave the lender holding a bag of worms. It’s just a reality that until you raise your creditworthiness, you won’t fit the standard lending rules that traditional, big banks have to follow.

Fortunately for you, Intellichoice is here to get you the most perfect you can get! We can help you to achieve your dream of owning a new or secondhand car, fast.

How to Secure the Best Car Finance Rates in Australia Intellichoice Finance
The best car finance rates can help you get your dream vehicle while allowing to make affordable repayment and enjoy other features that match your demands. There are many factors to consider when securing the best car finance rates in Australia. You would like to keep your repayments low by choosing low-interest car loans. Low-interest...
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Apply for a Car Loan Fast How a Loan Specialist Helps Intellichoice Finance
Do you have a need to apply for a car loan fast? There are many specialized loan companies who can provide you with a quick application and approval process so that you can get the car you need in time. If you have located the car you need and require financing completed as soon as...
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Bad Credit Car Loan Dealerships The Best Option for You Intellichoice Finance
In Australia, there are numerous possible choices to take when it comes to car financing. Among the most known approaches are dealer loans and brand new car loans. It is essential to know the difference between both financing options so that you can select what can work best for you. Dealership Finance and Car Loans...
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Pre Approved Car Loan Advantages and Disadvantages 2019 Intellichoice Finance
When you walk into a dealership having a pre-approved car loan, it provides you the confidence to push your bargaining power to achieve the best rates possible. It also helps you determine your budget but it can limit how much money you can use to purchase a new car. What is Pre Approved Car Loan?...
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Car Loans with Bad Credit Are You Qualified Intellichoice Finance
Car loans for people with bad credit, also simply known as bad credit car loans are second chance loans available for people with low credit score and those who have black marks on their credit report but can repay a loan. Credit history and reports play a big role in securing financing and mortgages in...
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Second Chance Finance Personal Car Loans Intellichoice Finance
Are you having a hard time applying for a car loan due to bad credit? A second chance finance car loan or bad credit car loan is the option for you. There are many reasons why you ended up with a bad credit. You may have lost a job a few years back, dealt with...
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How Soon Can You Apply for a Car Refinance with Bad Credit Intellichoice Finance
Are you having a hard time repaying your car loan, or would you simply want to trade or finance a new unit? You can simply refinance a car loan to be able to get a new car or to get a more favorable interest rate and feature for your loan. But what if you suffer...
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A car loan is your access to your dream car if you do not have enough cash to finance it. You can either save for a huge deposit to enjoy a low monthly payment. Bad credit car loans are also made available for people with bad credit who would want to finance a car purchase....
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5 Steps in Repairing Bad Credit for Guaranteed Bad Credit Car Loans Approval Intellichoice Finance
A bad credit file can haunt you for years and may make it hard for you to secure a mortgage or get a car financing. Although there are loans available for people with bad credit, a better credit score gives you access to better deals, interest rates and features when applying for a loan. The...
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How to Get Car Financing with A Low Credit Score in 2018
Can you get car financing even with bad credit and low credit score? Not all bad credit car loans are “bad”. You can still get a decent interest rate and a budget-friendly monthly even with a low credit score or a “scar” on your credit file. Here are some tips you can follow to be...
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