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Lacking the finance to build your business? Want to start up new business or have problems with cash flow! Want to buy franchise or established business! Bank said no!

Expatriate and Foreign National Purchasers; Understanding Why Intellichoice Digs Deeper into providing Mortgages for You
  Expatriates and Foreign Nationals purchasing investment property in Australia need to be very thorough when considering a purchase and the mortgage needed to complete. Many areas need addressing to avoid being caught out with an undervalued property which can lead to financial loss. Watch this video to understand some of the key issues facing...
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Financing Your Business: Understanding Available Options
  Sales are going up and so is Cashflow, but traditional lenders want to see two years’ historical figures and tax returns to advance facilities. What’s the solution? Find video’s on our website covering Debtor Finance, Leasing Finance, Short Term Finance, Franchisee Finance, Development Finance and Leasing & Asset Finance – watch this one for...
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Specialist Business Finance-How Equipment and Asset has to be Considered
  Learn about Specialist Business Finance, Equipment and Asset Finance by watching our video. What’s the critical information required when starting out in business? Financial commitment and structuring impacts cashflow and tax related matters and if set incorrectly at commencement, prove extremely difficult to amend. Talk to us first – we can share our extensive...
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Understanding How Intellichoice Approaches Short Term Finance For Their Clients
  This video will provide insight into how Short-Term Finance is used when companies are looking to complete a transaction but a shortfall exists which hinders completion. Whether it’s Development Finance, Manufacturing Finance or Business Finance, Short Term Finance may provide a short term answer to the problem. The funding becomes critical when the term...
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Expatriates-We Really Understand Your Mortgage Needs
  Leaving Australian soon – or maybe already have? There are many things to consider about investing in Australian Property as an Expatriate, including facing potentially significant penalties if you fail to settle on time. Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of issues that could arise. An Intellichoice Broker once flew to Europe...
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