95 Home Loans

95% home loans are loans that only require a 5% deposit on the buyer’s end. Although it is quite difficult to secure a 95 LVR home loan nowadays, Intellichoice makes is possible by connecting the clients with the right banks and non-conforming lenders.

95 Home Loans A 5% Deposit Mortgage Intelllichoice Finance
For many Aussie home buyers, saving for a 20% deposit on home loans is not just feasible. Although you’ll get higher chances of getting a loan approved with a higher downpayment, as well as better interest rates, saving such amount can be a challenge for the average Australian. It’s a good thing there are home...
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What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance Intellichoice Finance Home Loans
If you have started scouting for a home mortgage, you must have come across the term Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).  Lenders Mortgage Insurance is an additional expense that you need to pay after a home loan approval, under the following conditions. Failure to meet the 20% deposit of the property value, even if you’re able...
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Low Deposit Home Loans Is This The Right Mortgage for You Intellichoice Finance
Low Deposit Home Loans: Is This The Right Mortgage for You? It can take many years for an average working individual to save money to use as a deposit for a home loan. Considering other living expenses and debts, the likelihood of an individual to invest in real estate seems too far from possible. As...
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