Equipment Finance Videos

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Equipment Finance Videos

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Successfully obtaining Equipment Finance means gaining approval to use machinery, vehicles or equipment on a ‘Lease’ or ‘Rental’ basis and provides an alternative to buying outright. Whether you’re a start-up business needing equipment to commence work, or an established operation looking to upgrade, Equipment Finance provides an option that avoids the outlay of capital to acquire goods. An example of where Equipment Finance could be a preferred option is for the Information Technology needs of a business. Rapidly advancing technology may mean frequent upgrading is required to be competitive; debtor finance can facilitate the removal of ‘old’ goods and replacement with ‘new’ to meet business requirements. Equipment Finance can be useful where obtaining money to buy outright is not an option; the equipment provides the security and if payments for the lease or rental of the goods are not made, they are removed. Intellichoice Financial Services specialize in a variety of loan and other financial arrangements to help you secure equipment without disrupting your cash flow. Our solutions are designed to get you the capital you need. Click on our Online Form to have someone contact you about Equipment Finance, or Apply Online for speedier service. Keep watching Equipment Finance videos for more information…

Intellichoice Equipment Finance Watch this video on YouTube   Business Finance Loans by Intellichoice Learn about Specialist Business Finance, Equipment and Asset Finance by watching our video. What’s the critical information required when starting out in business? Financial commitment and structuring impact cash flow and tax-related matters and if set incorrectly at commencement, prove extremely...