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Like houses these come in different shapes and colours

Home Loans Articles and Resources

Construction using Owner builder loans at 70% End Market Value and higher are available. Intellichoice brokers love opening the doors to solutions for owner builders with 16 Years’ experience in this specialist field of construction loans provides clients security when considering building homes.


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These are the main things you need to consider before applying for a home loan to buy a new house:

  • Research your options
  • Provide proof of income
  • Write a detailed budget
  • The lender will check your credit history - black marks on your credit rating could mean you will be charged highest interest rate.
  • The lender will check your savings history - do you have deposit?
  • The lender will check your employment information- are you in stable employment?
  • Calculate your net worth - make sure it is realistic
  • Make a sizeable deposit of at least 20% of the purchase price
What Are The Requirements of Basic Aussie Home Loans Intellichoice Finance
Just about all loan providers have particular requirements for assessing a mortgage application. This specific set of criteria will establish approval of your application. There are numerous loan companies to pick from, a few have a few things added, however, the majority have similar specifications for the borrowing party. Below are a few of the...
How Owner Builders Can Secure A Mortgage Loan Intellichoice Finance
Getting financing as an owner builder can sometimes be difficult – only with the wrong people and the incorrect approach in applying. You can still maximize your chances of getting approved, despite how stringent and tough lending criteria can be for most owner builder home loans today. Continue reading to learn more. Lenders and banks...
Requirements for Owner Builder Home Loans 2018 Intellichoice Finance
In most banks in Australia, the application for owner builder home loans can sometimes be limited to those who have a license to build. It can be quite difficult to come by for owner builders who would want to go through the path of building their own homes. Luckily, there are non-conforming lenders and financial...
No Doc Home Loans Australia How to Apply and Qualify Intellichoice Finance Intellichoice Finance
Getting a mortgage in Australia for individuals with undocumented income can sometimes be difficult. If you are working as a freelancer, a contractor, handling a small business, a self-investor or self-employed, securing loans and financing follows a different process compared to employed people with regular incomes. In Australia, there are low doc construction loans available...
How to Become and Owner Builder in Australia Intellichoice Finance
Building your dream home in a land that you enjoy the view and adore the neighborhood is a vision we all would want to achieve. However, for the risk-takers and courageous, it is indeed possible to build your envisioned home in a property of your choosing, through owner-building. Buying a property and constructing your home...
When is the Right Time to Apply for a Home Loan Intellichoice Finance
Everybody dreams of having their own home. However, being able to afford one is a challenge for many, even for the above average Aussie employee. Getting a home loan is the most common avenue that people resort to, to be able to afford to buy a home. There are many types of home loans available...
My Bad Credit Home Loan is Rejected What Do I Do Next Intellichoice Finance
Is your bad credit home loan denied? Don’t know what to do next? Start by knowing the reasons why you were denied, when can you reapply, and what steps to take to prevent rejection on your next application. This is true to any type of loan being applied for. Regardless if its a bad credit...
How to Use a Bad Credit Home Loan Calculator Intellichoice Finance
Having a bad credit is not a barrier to taking out a mortgage. There are lenders who are willing to look beyond your credit score and offer bad credit home loans. A bad credit home loan calculator can help you decide on which offers are best suited for your needs. Bad Credit Home Loan Calculators...
Why Do You Need to Hire a Bad Credit Home Loan Broker Intellichoice Finance
Hiring a bad credit home loan broker is both beneficial for first-time home buyers and seasoned real estate investors. The experience, connections, and influence a home loan broker have is an asset and advantage for anyone interested in buying real estate. Advantages of Hiring a Bad Credit Home Loan Broker 1. It saves you time...