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Like houses these come in different shapes and colours

Home Loans Articles and Resources

Construction using Owner builder loans at 70% End Market Value and higher are available. Intellichoice brokers love opening the doors to solutions for owner builders with 16 Years’ experience in this specialist field of construction loans provides clients security when considering building homes.


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These are the main things you need to consider before applying for a home loan to buy a new house:

  • Research your options
  • Provide proof of income
  • Write a detailed budget
  • The lender will check your credit history - black marks on your credit rating could mean you will be charged highest interest rate.
  • The lender will check your savings history - do you have deposit?
  • The lender will check your employment information- are you in stable employment?
  • Calculate your net worth - make sure it is realistic
  • Make a sizeable deposit of at least 20% of the purchase price
Ultimate Guide to Owner Builder Home Loans Intellichoice Finance
Owner builder home loans is a challenging yet fulfilling avenue that you can embrace to be able to make your dream homes a reality. However, homeowner building requires not only financing but as well as time, dedication, expertise and experience to be a success. This is the reason behind fewer banks offering owner builder home...
Real Estate Investing Steps to Make it a Success Intellichoice Finance
You want to be successful when investing in real estate. Therefore, the first step you should make is to get advice from a qualified professional. When we say qualified professional, it means that you are getting advice from someone who has already reached the goal you want to achieve or from professionals who have helped...
Taking out a home loan is the biggest investment you can ever make in your lifetime. When taking out a home loan you know that there are many factors to consider in order to make payments on time and without delay. Most borrowers’ first concern is the total cost of taking out a loan. There...
Getting a Home Loan How Long Does it Takes Intellichoice Finance
Being able to purchase a home property is a life-changing experience. It is an accomplishment that somehow boosts your morale and provides satisfaction in many aspects. While purchasing a property is an ideal step towards improving lifestyle, the process can be very daunting. Your Ultimate Guide in Getting a Home Loan Generally, the time it...
Steps in Applying for Investment Property Loans Intellichoice Finance
An investment property loan is a type of home loan to buy a property for investment. This is a quick solution for those who want to buy an investment property but without sufficient resources for the purchase. The criteria for approval on investment property loans are complex. This is especially if lenders will require negative...
What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance Intellichoice Finance Home Loans
If you have started scouting for a home mortgage, you must have come across the term Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).  Lenders Mortgage Insurance is an additional expense that you need to pay after a home loan approval, under the following conditions. Failure to meet the 20% deposit of the property value, even if you’re able...
How to Compare Home Loan Rates Effectively Intellichoice Finance
Compare home loan rates to get the best rates possible for your home loans. There is a huge number of lenders in Australia. Comparing rates is one of the most critical parts of home loan shopping because it will eventually affect the amount you pay in the long run. However, the lower interest rate doesn’t...
OwnerBuilder Financing Road FAQs Answered Intellichoice Finance Owner Builder Loans
Owner-Builder Loans Basics: What You Need to Know As an owner builder trying to get a loan, there are many questions that you want answers. You may consult a financial advisor or a mortgage broker specializing in construction loans. And if you have started your research, you may have figured that getting an owner-builder loan...
Defining a Good Owner Builder Owner Built Intellichoice Finance
Defining a Good Owner Builder There are several homeowners who have built their own homes and have become their own contractor of the project. They had the benefit of earning more equity, cutting down costs, and building a home they want. Building a home is not as complicated as you think. In fact, one out...