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Insurance Articles

Construction using Owner builder loans at 70% End Market Value and higher are available. Intellichoice brokers love opening the doors to solutions for owner builders with 16 Years’ experience in this specialist field of construction loans provides clients security when considering building homes.


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5 Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Home Insurance
5 Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Home Insurance Home insurance is one of the important backup plans you should have for your property, especially for your home. There are many unpredictable risks and uncontrollable events that may compromise your home’s safety. Home insurance can protect the value of your home, as well as...
Reason why you should get life insurance
Reason Why You Should Get Life Insurance Life insurance is very vital for one’s life but unfortunately only few people are well aware of this. It is very easy to purchase a policy when you are young and relatively healthy than when you are old. The longer you wait, the greater are the chances of...
Can I buy a car with defaults on my credit file - intellichoice
I have defaulted on my credit file …….will I be able to purchase a car???? There are financiers who provide bad credit car loans and specialists who can source them on your behalf; however, your eligibility will be determined by the nature and the severity of the credit impairment.   Keep in mind that a car loan is securitised...