Inventory Finance Articles by Intellichoice Finance

Provides businesses with finance for the acquisition of stock

Inventory Finance Articles by Intellichoice Finance

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inventory finance
Best Inventory Loans for Your Business 2019 Are you a small business owner in need of financing? Are you fed up with stuck-up Australian banks that make you go through hoops to get it? Then it is time to go all in with Inventory Loans. Considering the small business division utilizes almost a large portion...
what is inventory finance
What is Inventory Finance It is designed to pay your supplier directly on your behalf allowing you to meet your financial obligations while keeping your shelves supplied and your business’s reputation intact. It provides businesses with the finance for purchases of inventory for manufacturing or resale for your customers. It is a good way to...
Pros and Cons of Inventory Finance - intellichoice
Obtaining inventory finance can be a great way to keep the work in progress running especially for small or new businesses that do not have a credit history or have had some trouble with their credits in the past. It does not only help the business in keeping a backup inventory but it also provides...
Inventory Finance The Basics - intellichoice
The concept of inventory financing is based on the simple principle of improving your business ability to pay the suppliers for the smooth generation of inventory. Since most of the work done by the firm is on credit basis, you have little time in which you receive payments for your sales and pass it down...