Why having a Loan set up with Experienced Brokers is a lot different to having one set up by a Bank

Owner Builder Home Loan – The Explainer

This video explains the differences between loans put in place by banks or inexperienced brokers and the risks you are exposing yourself to by doing so. Risks can be mitigated by having a better understanding of some of the issues faced by past clients, and why you need to have someone experienced on your side to overcome these challenges

Video Transcript:

Why go with Intellichoice for your Owner Builder Loan?

Because you’re going to be supported from the commencement of your project right through until the end. If you go directly to a lender, you’ll have an intermittent relationship at best with the lender. Likewise if you go to a broker that doesn’t necessarily have owner builder experience, you know they may get the loan set for you. But what happens when it comes to the progress draw time or what happens when you’ve had that low valuation. Our relationship with you is one that we are there from the start to the finish. So we’re in a process those progress rules for you. We cannot argue with the valuer, when the valuation doesn’t come in or where it should be. On top of that, because we are a team, but with very different roles within the team. My role is to provide solutions. Whereas Michelle’s role is really to process or assist with the processing of your loan from lodgement right through to your very final, our progress draw. And so while I may give you a solution, Michelle will really put all of the information around that solution in every stage of that solution. So I guess I provide a big-picture solution, and Michelle fills in all of the gaps along more

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