Intellichoice vs The Banks: Too Hard Basket’ Owner Builder Loans Clients

Owner Builder Home Loan – The Scenarios


This video will provide some insight into why our CEO has always had a soft spot for Owner Builders, his ability to relate to the satisfaction of being an Owner Builder and why providing these Loans is important to him. Although this video explains the “Why” he likes helping the Owner builder community, it doesn’t however cover recent developments-and an exciting new prospect for Owner Builders that will be launched in early 2019. Stay tuned for announcements regarding these developments later this year!

The reasons behind the personal interest our CEO has in Owner Builder lending will be revealed in this video. Other topics covered include recent developments in the Owner Builder Lending market – plus a mention of an exciting new prospect for Owner Builders to be launched early 2019. Watch this space for further announcements on this later in the year!


Video Transcript

I guess we chose to be involved in it because of how I was brought up. So where I was brought up, was if you needed something done, you had a go of doing it yourself. So we built our own wooden arm in fencing and chairs and when it came to needing another bedroom, you build it yourself with the help of professionals or chores people so that’s how I was brought up. And I saw the value in it and not just how much money you save but the satisfaction you actually get from doing something yourself and the pride you feeling that. So I guess my involvement through finance over the years when it came around to areas that I liked, it was I guess in recognition of the things that had impacted me when I was young.

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