Bad Credit Car Loan Dealerships: Is This the Best Option for You?

Bad Credit Car Loan Dealerships The Best Option for You Intellichoice Finance

In Australia, there are numerous possible choices to take when it comes to car financing. Among the most known approaches are dealer loans and brand new car loans. It is essential to know the difference between both financing options so that you can select what can work best for you.

Dealership Finance and Car Loans

Fast and easy application processes can be enjoyed by individuals with good or perfect credit scores. However, it can be quite more daunting for people who have been in a bad financial situation. Even after surpassing such issues in their finances, a poor credit remains on your credit history for quite some time, depriving you of the best competitive rates and fast approval. But, bad credit histories are not the end of the line. You can opt for bad credit car loan dealerships to secure your dream car.

Dealership finance refers to the finance options offered by a car dealership. Examples include Toyota Finance, Nissan Finance, and Esanda. Dealership finance can offer lower interest rates, however, expect to pay for a balloon payment at the final payment of the loan which can go as high as $2,000.

A finance specialist can help you understand which options suit you best in terms of financing a car purchase. This can be through a car dealership they are connected with, via a bank or a non-conforming lender or other financing options that suit your current financial standing. A credit check or having a credit card may or may not be necessary. Again, these all depend on which bank, lender or dealership will accommodate your car loan application. The same goes for people with bad credit. There will be basic and additional requirements and documents to fulfill during and some, even after your application.

Bad Credit Car Loan Dealerships

No matter what the reasons you have for having bad credit, this makes it hard for individuals to purchase a car. Generally, car dealerships have higher interest rates for those who have bad credit scores. Buyers who demonstrate poor to bad credit ratings are also called subprime buyers. They pose a higher risk compared to buyers who demonstrate good credit ratings.

This is the reason why most banks would reject a car financing application immediately. Some banks and lenders do not entertain the idea of risking money to clients that have higher potentials of not being able to afford or repay a loan. Although some may welcome and approve applications with such financial circumstances, the best features and rates are not accessible for most of these clients.

On the other hand, despite a bad credit rating, it is essential to look at other options other than dealership financing. You may contact an established bank or loan company to find out what alternatives are designed for funding your car loan rather than instantly taking a high-interest rate.

If you are looking for professional help in securing car financing, even with bad credit to worry about, Intellichoice Finance is the right place to go. We can offer you the best rates and features possible for your financing through our several networks or car dealerships, lenders and banks all throughout Australia.


Opt for Bad Credit Car Loan Dealerships only if you need the car badly. Don’t take out dealership financing with bad credit if the car isn’t necessarily an urgent need.

Build Your Credit

When you don’t have a good credit history, one way to rebuild your credit is get a secured card. A deposit in the bank is required to gain a secured card. When you decide to close your account, the deposit amount will be returned back to you. Start paying your bills on time, this can help revamp your credit score even after a few months of regular payments. You may also seek the help of a credit repair professional to improve your credit score by getting rid of inaccuracies.

Shop around

Bad credit highly impacts your ability to take out a loan but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be given a loan. Banks and lenders may give you a hard time and may deny you from time to time. But by choosing the right lender to work with, by talking to the right people, you can definitely get a car loan. Shop around by trying to determine the rates other lenders demand so that you compare rates despite your credit score.

Discounts on Bad Credit Car Loan Dealerships

Bad credit car loan dealership, do they offer discounts? Unfortunately, after asking credit experts, a car dealership can provide financing however at a high interest rate. So getting a discount with bad credit is not feasible. The best advice in this scenario is to work on fixing your credit and shop around for bad credit loans offered by specialized lenders rather than working directly with a dealership.