Bad Credit Home Loans Melbourne

credit home loans Melbourne

Have you been rejected for a home loan? Do you have a poor credit history? You don’t need to worry now because Intellichoice is here to help you! According to Veda, a credit rating agency, there are over 600,000 Aussies having “high to extreme risk” of credit default. Many of these clients experienced loan rejections from various lenders of the country. If you are one of these people, you still can be qualified for a bad credit home loan here in Melbourne.

Most of the times, these types of loans are known as “non-conforming loans” or “subprime” loans. However, not all bad credit home loans are subprime products. This type of financial product is designed to help people like you get their dream home for their family. In Australia, credit financiers assess risk based on the client’s credit report. It is part of their standard application and approval procedures. This usually takes month to complete. You may be required 20% deposit to offset the risk lenders take. It is also called 80% LVR (Loan to Value Ratio).

Lenders do this all the time to secure their end of the bargain. If you are currently having problems with your credit, this is a better offer for you to get a loan. So, if you are interested to apply for a home loan, start calling our number now – 1300 55 10 45 – so that we can get you on your first steps. We have a network of financiers that offer bad credit home loan to qualified applicants here in Melbourne.    

If you want to get a fair deal for this type of loan, you must talk to one of our mortgage brokers today. At Intellichoice we make sure that our clients will get the most of our quality service. Just be sure to provide all the necessary information and requirements. We believe that Australians deserve a good chance in getting a mortgage to finally purchase their dream home.

As a mortgage company based in the land down under, we would like to make a significant contribution to its economic growth by helping our fellow Aussies get sure loan approval. We have established a strong relationship with the most dependable lenders around the continent. Our group of loan experts is trying their best to maintain this good reputation by working hard day and night.   

It would be very helpful if you would talk to our loan specialists. They will take you through each step carefully on finding your bad credit home loan of choice. They have been trained to “circumnavigate” effectively on the process for your sure approval. Through this strategy, lenders will consider your application.  They will grant loans based on the product that suits your needs.