Buying a House in 2019: What You Need to Know

Buying a House in 2019 What You Need to Know Intellichoice Finance

Beginning a new year in a new home would be a great gift for yourself and your family. However, buying a new home is not a walk in the park even if you have the resources to do so. Buying a home involves a process, and the process may take longer if you require home finance to pursue your purchase.

Buying a home would be a great way to welcome and start your 2019. Australia is a land of opportunity when it comes to real estate this 2019.

However, the property boom in Australia is different from the usual lavish towns and coastal areas. Here are some of the not so popular places in Australia where you can purchase a property and take advantage of the market slide in Aussie.

New South Wales

Areas like the Queanbeyan, Rutherford and Orange are included in the best areas where you can start buying a house in 2019. First home owners grant are available for all three even though Queanbeyan is located almost right at the ACT border. Median prices of properties in Queanbeyan are around $530,000, $400,000 in Rutherford and $395,000 in Orange. Sales of homes in Orange have increased by 7.5% over the last year, making it indeed an ideal place to start your home investment.


In Victoria, you could consider investing a property on the suburbs and make the most out of the savings that you’ll get when you buy a house in this current market. Some places you can look into investing a new home this 2019 includes Golden Square, Sebastopol and Wangaratta.

The median house prices in Golden Square is $325,000. Although a suburb, the are is a good location where you can easily access a finest collection of Victorian building showcased in the inland cities of Australia. It is an hour and a half away from Melbourne so you’ll still get access to the busy city, conveniently, even via public transportation.

Sebastopol has house offerings of $275,000 on the average while Wangaratta properties are at $295,000. There is also a big 15-20% increase in new home purchases in Wangaratta, creating a good impression on the neighborhood area.


Some of the least popular suburban areas ideal for buying a home one a budget in Queensland includes Kirwan, South Mackay and Wavell Height. Median prices of housing properties ranges from $300,000, $295,000 and $680,000. Even with floods to worry about, Queensland is still considered as one of the most prefered places to have a home. An estimated 25 billion dollars worth of property is also expected to be invested in Queensland, giving possible homeowners enormous options for their future homes.

Western Australia

Perth can be considered as a favorite option for home buyers and growth in housing purchases is still expected to grow in the region this 2019. However, Perth did not make it to the top 3 suburbs where you can take advantage of the decline home prices in the region. Median prices of homes in Spearwood is at $470,000, Joondalup at $510,000 and Spearwood at $800,000.

South Australia

Enfield, Port Augusta and Ascot Park made it to the top 3 spot of towns in South Australia where you can invest in a home this 2019 for a fraction of the cost. Enfield is a little town near the port areas where you can buy a home for $450,000 on the average. Port Augusta has a median house price of $140,000. It is a good place to start for investors over the next few years. A $5 billion worth of energy will be thrown in the area in the coming years and could see a considerable growth spurt soon. Ascot Park properties are meanwhile tagged with a median of $475,000.

Looking into these less popular suburbs and towns in Australia gives you an opportunity to invest in a growing town and see a potentially large return of investment in the very near future. It is also a good place to start building a family or buying your new, or first home for 2019.

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