Expatriate and Foreign National Purchasers; Buy Before you Leave or While Living and Working Away from Oz

Expatriate and Foreign National Purchasers; Buy Before you Leave or While Living and Working Away from Oz

Tax Regulations have seen some changes, but the topic discussed in this video is relevant still; the Why’s and How’s of purchasing property as an Expat. Let us give you peace of mind while you’re overseas by knowing you’ve covered all bases. This is your safety net when you return home. Get in touch to find out more about how one of our experienced professionals can guide you. Wherever you are!

Video Transcript:

Australian expats and Foreign National Loans
Buy before you come home

Some people have asked me in the past why we have focused on doing loans for expats and foreign nationals, a large part of it I suppose came from having lived overseas myself and worked overseas. And a lot of the people like to travel with that were expats from Australia, they seem to enjoy the lifestyle a lot so to speak. So you normally a fairly good money at a different tack scale to Australia. And we’re having this good time you’re travelling around you spend a lot of cash and when you eventually come home to Australia sometimes to settle down, have children, come back with family, you realize that you maybe had not put away the amount of savings or budgets that you possibly could of. So to those ends, my advice as always and I did this myself is buy property before you leave or buy property if you’re away while you’re away and buy back in Australia. There are some advantages to doing it because the small amount that you would pay to help meet the repayments after the bank loan can generally mean that when you come back at. One, you’ve got a property to come back to. Two, you may have accrued some tax losses that you can take advantage of. But three, you’re actually coming back to something already set for you. Now, a lot of this we can do from here, so we do it while you’re away. And with having done several of the more than several of a few hundred of these now. That by the time you look at where to get documents, where to get them witnessed, how you transfer funds, who to utilize in terms of other professionals like accountants and legals and conveyancing. Professionals for finances is where we step in. Then the whole process can be largely done through the web by internet, email, social media. We find it very very easy and we enjoy doing it because we get to hear about the lives of other people travelling abroad. And I suppose that’s one of the parts that I really enjoy doing.

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