Expatriates-We Really Understand Your Mortgage Needs!

Expatriates-We Really Understand Your Mortgage Needs

Leaving Australian soon – or maybe already have? There are many things to consider about investing in Australian Property as an Expatriate, including facing potentially significant penalties if you fail to settle on time. Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of issues that could arise. An Intellichoice Broker once flew to Europe to sign documents to avoid a $100,000.00 loss to a client if not settled on time! Our commitment to ensuring the best client outcome is second to none. If you think you would benefit from further conversation about your purchase, please reach out to us

Having a home in Australia, even while working or living abroad is possible for qualified Australian citizens through an Expat Foreign Home Loan. Through an application process that is best pursued with a mortgage broker, based in Australia, it is possible to purchase your new home through a loan or invest in a new property on Australia while living overseas.

The process involves the usual requirements needed in applying for a traditional home loan. However, you will need to provide extra documentation in your application since you are going to pay for your home loan overseas and with foreign income. There are also specific requirements to be able to avail a certain LVR that you would want to apply on your loan. To learn more, talk to our expert mortgage specialists today.

Video Transcript

Some of the reasons why we find people prefer to use Intellichoice than perhaps other lenders is one we appreciate the distance and what’s it’s like living overseas. Sometimes the mailing systems aren’t the same access to notaries or people who sign documentation aren’t quite the same having people that understand the differentials in time and we’re willing to stay up late or get up very very early to speak with clients, in fact some of our brokers are in one case we’ve been willing to travel to France to have documentation signed and I think you’d find that in many brokerages today and we actually enjoy and you know we get praise from all parties concerned whether they be you know the builders, the developers, the clients themselves, their legal team, so they find it very easy to use us.