Owner Builder Loan Stages: Understanding the Intellichoice Process

Intellichoice Owner Builder Loan Stages

How Owner Builder Loan Works

This video will provide some insight into how we like to set up a loan ‘Draw-Down Stages’ for Owner Builder Loans. Intellichoice will endeavor to facilitate stages in a way that allows as much cash flow to remain with our clients during the home construction building process as possible; this allows for a speedy build while reducing stress during what can sometimes be a challenging time

Video Transcript

So throughout the construction phase, we’ll encourage you to make an interest-only repayment rather than a principal and interest. And that’s purely because in a lot of instances people are also renting as well as constructing. And so it can make your finances just a little bit tight. And so if we can reduce your outgoings by having an interest-only repayment, that’s what we will encourage you to do.