Making the Process for Owner Building and Owner Builder Lending Easier


Owner Builder Lending Easier with Intellichoice

This video will provide insight into how to prepare for Owner Building with the aim of making the build and loan management process significantly easier. Knowing up-front what is required supports the project to be fluid and consistent through to completion. A common mistake made by Owner Builders is that of creating multiple variations (‘change orders’ to our U.S. friends) which negatively affects the timeline and lender who has funded the Owner Builder Loan. This video will give you another view on what needs to be considered and how you really need to start with the end in mind! Call us to discuss in greater detail. We love to talk to Owner Builders!

Video Transcript:

I think that the owner builders that have the best experience are those people that are prepared to put that little bit more work in at the front end. Some owner builders I think go into the process, thinking that they can make a lot of variations through it through the process, and that’s because they really haven’t thought through their process at the front end. So one of the things that we try to do is really educate an owner builder about the need to have a robust process at the front end. So to sit down and actually work out what is it that they’re actually doing to start with the end in mind, not to be making those decisions on the way through, because you know variations they are the bane for the owner builder, because the lender has a low tolerance for a lot of variations. And so we need to educate the owner builder right at the front end about the importance of really starting with the end in mind and not deviating too much from that process.