Pepper Money Loans: What Do They Offer?

Pepper Money Loans What Do They Offer Intellichoice Finance

Pepper Money Loans had been known to be Australia’s leading non-bank specialist lending institution that works through several affiliated mortgage brokers. They are also a wholesale funder for several non-bank financial institutions. This non-conforming lender has been a trusted and reliable partner to Intellichoice Finance through the years.

Specialist lenders were first designed to cater to people who have bad credit and to those who could not provide enough supporting documents to prove their income. But today, specialist lenders have extended their services to those who are good borrowers but are not able to receive funding from banks and LMI providers.

Pepper Money Loans Offer

Pepper Money offers varied home loan products, personal loans, and car loans. All loan categories are designed specifically to meet the needs of those who are not able to meet the requirements of traditional banks.

Pepper Money Loan Feature

  • Lowest interest rates and fees compared to other specialist lenders.
  • Special solutions for borrowers with bad credit
  • Offers Low doc loans
  • Ability to roll all debts into a home loan
  • Offers customer service
  • Efficient and systematic processes
  • Quick loan approval
  • Loans are assessed based on common sense and not just on credit standing
  • They provide innovative and various ways to assist borrowers
  • The lending policy offered is flexible. If proven a good borrower, loan approval is quick
  • They work with the best mortgage brokers

Pepper Money Home Loans

Pepper Money offers three primary home loan types depending on your income and your ability to pay.

The Pepper Essentials. This is a key home loan for those with a good credit history. Ideal for those who can meet the requirements of the bank or just falls short of the standard lending criteria of traditional lenders.

The Pepper Easy. This is a near prime loan created for those who have some negative marks on their credit record. Generally, this home loan structure are for those who falls outside the standard lending requirements of a traditional lender like banks.

The Pepper Advantage. This is a specialized loan created for those with bad credit score. This type of home loan comes with a higher interest rate however it is more competitive compared to other specialist lenders in the market.

For all pepper loans, there’s a Full Doc loan type if you are able to prove your income source with tax returns or payslips. And a Alt Doc if you fall under the category of self-employed. You have to provide proof of income by submitting BAS, an accountant’s letter or a bank statement.

Pepper Money Personal Loans

Pepper Money offers unsecured personal loans with an option of either a fixed or a variable rate and a repayment term of 1 to 7 years. You can borrow up to $50,000 max or $5,000 minimum. No upfront fees. Personal loans offered by pepper loans are ideal for those who have an immediate need for cash but do not have the assets to guarantee the loan.

Variable rate

  • Interest rate starts from 9.99% depending on your credit standing
  • No application fees, service or exit fees. No early repayment fee
  • Offers flexible repayment – weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Late payment fee of $50

Fixed rate

  • Interest rate starts from 9.99%
  • No application fees, service or exit fees
  • Offers flexible repayment – weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Late payment fee of $50
  • Early repayment fee of $300
  • Break fee of $150 if early repayment is equal to or more than 3 months.

Pepper Money Car Loans

Pepper Money offers car loans from a wide range of packages. One of these packages can suit various needs.

What can you expect from Pepper Money Car Loans?

Competitive interest rates. Expect to receive fixed interest rates from 7.99% per annum or depending on your circumstance.

Get help directly from a lending specialist like our loan brokers in Intellichoice. A lending specialist can answer all your questions quickl and can offer you the right package according to your needs.

It’s safe and secure. Pepper Money had been assisting many Australians since the year 2001. They are backed and funded by several top financial institutions