Specialist Business Finance-How Equipment and Asset has to be Considered

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Learn about Specialist Business Finance, Equipment and Asset Finance by watching our video. What’s the critical information required when starting out in business? Financial commitment and structuring impact cash flow and tax-related matters and if set incorrectly at commencement, prove extremely difficult to amend. Talk to us first – we can share our extensive knowledge across broad categories related to business finance. This video will suggest various solutions and for a personalised conversation, get in touch.

Video Transcript:

Intellichoice is on the side of the borrower

There’s niche markets that traditional banking won’t allow for, so some of those markets would be things like tomorrow, yearly, annual turnovers that somehow don’t fit in this standard criteria of the larger institutions. Asset finance where they may have been issues for clients who have some credit related issue or some change in their partnership arrangement or structures and that they now fall foul of a traditional lending guidelines.

Darin, you mentioned equipment finance and that is another integral part of our service provision to our clients. We’ve got equipment financiers who are specialists in those areas and again they’re going to look at a different set of factors to what the traditional funders will use. And the rates that we able to get for our clients are quite often very very strong. Sometimes for clients who have out of the square needs, it means that we have to be, we go to different financiers to get the right outcome, but you’re not locked into a very strict narrow view that the majors are wanting to portray. We recently get a deal for a fellow who was, they had a very strong business and it was developing, he had need of a large crane, it cost him about two thousand dollars a day in rental for that or high for that crane. And the crane that he really to do the job, he was able to locate that in a different state. It wasn’t even registered and it was an old piece of machinery. He’d been to the bank and they’d said “absolutely not, it doesn’t work on whole range of different measures”. But we were able to restructure the deal to get the financier happy with it. We’re able to get very competitive rates, and the client has now has a piece of gear that is costing in about, bit over 2 and a half to $3,000 a month. Whereas before he was paying $2,000 a day. He just thinks it’s the best thing since last break, he love it.