Why Should I Use Intellichoice?

Why Should I Use Intellichoice

Why Should I Use Intellichoice?

When you become an Owner Builder, you take on the responsibility of managing all the elements of your project. You are in charge of everything, from tradesmen to insurance to materials and everything in between.

It also means you are in charge of the financial aspect of the project. Unless you are a specialist in this field, it can seem like a battlefield with red tape and financial jargon making life tough.

And that is why so many Owner Builders decide to use Intellichoice as their brokers.

We understand construction. We understand financial institutions and we understand how to make both of them work together.

Between our team, we have more than 30 years of experience in finance, construction, and specifically Owner Builder finance.

We have successfully helped hundreds of Owner Builders navigate their way through the process and see their project to completion.

Unlike most brokers, we offer a “start to finish” service which means we are with you every step of the way.

We are there at the start, to help you ensure your projections and budgets are accurate and realistic. We help you secure your funding and then we help you manage each stage of the project. If any problems arise throughout the project, we are there to help fix them. And once the project is finished we are there to help consolidate all finances and clean everything up into one loan.

Here is a list of what we do. We:

  • Access exclusive funding arrangements (where required)
  • Research to ensure borrowing meets lenders credit criteria in your location
  • Negotiate with lenders with regards to the type of valuation and on what basis this is conducted
  • Prepare proposals
  • Compile compliance documents
  • Provide an audit of supporting documents
  • Develop costing and budgeting documents formatted to meet lenders requirements
  • Assist with independent building advice where required
  • Prepare written credit submission in line with the lenders’ Owner Builder construction policies
  • Submit applications and provide tracking
  • Respond to all lender credit queries
  • Prepare staged payment summaries for each construction draw
  • Manage staged payments ensuring smooth flow of funds during construction

At Intellichoice we help you every step of the way so you can focus on making all the other elements of the project a success.