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The best interest rates and insights into successful owner building for 2021

Owner builder loans or owner builder finance is our speciality with 20 years of experience in sourcing and completing or settling these mortgages for our clients.

Being able to source up to 75% Loan To Value (LVR) loans can be the difference between your project being feasible or not.

We can help you achieve your dreams. Building or renovating your home or investment property as an owner builder requires key knowledge to be successful and having placed many hundreds of these loans, Intellichoice provides you with some valuable insights.

Further down, you will come across some helpful resources for your owner builder loans education and insurance needs from Absolute Education (ABED) and Allrisk, respectively.

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Owner Builder Loans 2021

So What has changed in 2021? Well, one thing that hasn’t is lenders caution around who is applying and do they possess the skills and knowledge needed to be successful.


Nobody wants a half-built home with dreams and finances in tatters. With the recent pandemic followed by a boom in house prices and burgeoning construction lenders are keen to assist for the right clients. With this in mind, we can give some key insights into how to prepare for an owner builder project and the necessary owner builder home loan.

Managing your expectations

Start with the end in mind by checking what your project will be worth realistically before starting. Are the valuations for the completed property in line with the current market? The whole “ Should we or Shouldn’t we” is based on what the market thinks: not so much on what you may be thinking. Also, as the owner builder loan will be advanced on the value via either costs and or end market value of the property then proper understanding of this is key.

Working only with experienced professionals

Always consider having an experienced person who can assist you in project managing a build. You wouldn't show up to a job that requires specialist skills after reading a book on the subject. Building a house or renovating is very complex with many moving parts-up to 200 plus different “sets of hands” and thousands of differing materials is not something to give your best shot at. Find someone you can trust-and take their advice.

Understand expenses

Understand the true costs of building or renovating your project. Site preparation costs, professional and Government fees, education/licenses/permits, differences between plans and detailed drawings, proper take offs or estimates of materials and labour,town planning, engineering, certification, Insurances, landscaping and definitely finances insurances, the list can be extensive-map them all out.


Critical as it used to be a case of getting a quote and adding a zero to be close to a figure that the eventual cost might be!-This won't do for an already jaundiced looking banker or credit manager deciding to give you a loan. Trying to just get the “best price” on everything is not always wise as critical elements can be affected in the building or achieving a certificate of occupancy at the end of the build. Getting budgets and cost estimates correct, to end up with a valuable home takes legwork and proper inquiry-don't be lax here.


Timelines and time management

This does not mean bullying and harrassing contractors and suppliers to move faster, which generally ends up with the opposite happening. Understanding the sequence of what goes where and when requires specialist understanding from your supervisor. Example would be needing to order windows seven weeks before they need installing from some companies, so contractors aren't standing around waiting for you to get your act together. Be aware of when skills and materials are needed. To not do so can mean a six month build turns into eighteen months very quickly.

This is an area many past owner builders have fallen down on-thinking they can save money by scrimping and trying to “go it alone” only to find out a builder could have completed in a quarter of the time and possibly cheaper. Be aware first timers you can save money most definitely as an owner builder but again take proper advice.

Enjoy the process

Building or renovating is not something you will do often in your life unless it becomes an obsession, so try and breath enjoy the highs and lows of the experience and share with others on the forums and groups we can connect you with. The satisfaction level on completion will be all the sweeter!

Use us, we sort of know what we are doing when it comes to loans and finances for your project!

We'll help your dream home get approved and underway

Owner Building is a rewarding way to build. It’s highly satisfying to see your plans come to life, while also generating significant equity in the process.

But despite the benefits, getting owner builder finance can be difficult, especially when there are so few lenders in Australia that offer this type of loan.

Don’t waste weeks or months with other lenders or brokers - our experienced team knows exactly what’s required to get your loan approved (we’ve been arranging them for 18 years).

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We’ll position your project for success

Your dream home might make a lot of sense to you, but even the most flexible of lenders might not see it the same way. For them to approve your loan, they need to clearly understand the merits of your project in order to reduce their lending risk.

Which is where the experience of our specialist broking team can help.

From council approvals to cost estimates - we know exactly what the best owner builder lenders are looking for (and where to find the cheapest and most flexible construction loans).


To increase your success in your construction projects as an owner builder, some states require that you go through a training.

At Intellichoice, we’ve partnered with Absolute Education (ABED)-- the country’s leading education for owner builders and builders alike to provide our clients with the best training possible.

Absolute Education (ABED) is a recognised and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and its training programs for owner-builders and builders is recognised in various territories, including Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territories, and Western Australia.

After your training, you will become licenced owner-builder and holding correct white cards allows you to undertake owner-builder projects. This is on top of the added benefit of getting insider guidance on securing finance to your project.

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Likewise, the Absolute Education (ABED) offers their owner-builder education online to ensure convenience of its learners and student correspondence to those who are not comfortable with the Internet. The entire course is given in multiple modules and you can finish them at your own pace at your own time. You will be given login information to access your learning materials anywhere in the world.

For more information about their difference courses, you can contact them here:


For your peace of mind, Intellichoice Finance has forged a partnership with Allrisk Insurance--the country’s leading insurance company for owner-builder construction projects.

With a decade of impeccable reputation, Allrisk Insurance has arranged insurance policies to thousands of its clients providing a safety net to their projects.

The company offers competitive and affordable rates, easy-to-follow quotation request process, and in-house expert advice.

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Are you ready to start your project now? Don’t start yet without having insurance.

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Contact Allrisk Insurance today through their contact information:

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At Intellichoice, we’re leaders in finance, especially when it comes to Owner Builder Construction Loans. With our new construction management app (coming soon), you can save:

  • Up to 12 - 14 months in project time
  • Approximately 22% on project costs for a new home build and,
  • 33 - 40% on your costs for a renovation project

It’s a revolution and it’s available to all owner builders who work with us. Find out more today by getting in touch.

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Our team of experts spends the time to find out about you and your circumstances. We will determine the best options for you based on your earnings, any debts you might still have and your current needs and objectives.

Owner Builder Loans Videos

Get up to 75% of the building and land's valuation - or up to 100% with qualifying conditions! Intellichoice brokers love to open the doors of possibility and provide solutions to clients. Keep updated with our freshest videos on owner builder loan videos and increase your chance of getting your loan aplication approved. Watch our in-house expert talk about relevant things you need to know about owner builder.

Owner builder loans articles

We get funding for all sorts of owner builder projects

Your new home can be built almost any way you want it:

  • Brick, timber, concrete, CLT, slab, raised
  • 1 bedroom or 10, it’s up to you
  • Suburban or regional is fine
  • Knock-down/rebuilds, partial builds or extensions, relocations are all ok

Here's how our lending process works, in 5 simple steps

  1. Get in touch with our team for a FREE loan appraisal
  2. Let us know about your project, your chosen block of land and your current financial situation
  3. We’ll show you what’s required to get your loan underway fast
  4. Our team will submit your application to our list of specialist lenders to get funding approval
  5. We’ll get you the best rates and terms possible so that you can get your build underway with confidence


Construction using Owner builder loans at 70% End Market Value and higher are available. Intellichoice brokers love opening the doors to solutions for owner builders with 16 Years’ experience in this specialist field of construction loans provides clients security when considering building homes.


Construction using Owner builder loans at 70% End Market Value and higher are available. Intellichoice brokers love opening the doors to solutions for owner builders with 16 Years’ experience in this specialist field of construction loans provides clients security when considering building homes.


Frequently asked questions

Owner builder construction loans can bring up lots of questions for people considering this type of finance. Here are the ones we’re most commonly asked:

Where are your loans available?

The owner builder loans we source are available in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, WA, TAS, and SA.

What paperwork do I need to have ready?

  • Documented evidence of income, liabilities, assets etc
  • Plans with detailed drawings (to enable the production of trade pack take-off’s which will allow quotations to be completed)
  • List of costs spent to date and basic costings to get the project underway/li>

We will issue you with a specialist cost estimate worksheet to work through which will be used to confirm the project costs, funding level required, and most importantly the completed value.

Should I seek pre-approval first?

Yes. Building your own home is a complex undertaking and as such, having your finance sorted first (so that you know what you can afford) will make a big difference to the success of your project.

What is the maximum LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) I can get?

Our panel of specialist lenders offer LVR’s starting at 70% and can go as high as 80% of the completed value of your project.

What do I need to show in order to prove my project?

To get a loan, you’ll need to provide a cost estimate. This states what each part of the project will cost in the way of materials or services required. These details will need to be confirmed by a Bank Valuer or Quantity Surveyor to ensure that the figures are realistic.

How does the funding process work?

The application process is completed in two phases.

  1. The affordability aspect of your project (just as you would have with any other home loan).
  2. Valuation. Once your loan is conditionally approved, the completed cost estimates worksheet along with all the supporting quotes, invoices and receipts for your project are sent to the valuer. Their valuation is returned to the lender and if acceptable, a formal offer is issued.

As the owner builder, you’ll have to contribute your minimum 20% (or more) to get the project started. Then, as further funds are required, the lender will provide the remaining amount in order to complete the project.

In an industry where finance brokers come and go, Intellichoice has been serving customers Australia-wide for over 18 years.

With vast experience in providing financial solutions to people for all sorts of purposes, we know what’s required to get the funding you’re after.

  • Personal Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Home Loans and much more

We’ve also got access to exclusive finance solutions that aren’t available anywhere else, so get in touch with us and tell us about your project today.

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