Bad Credit Home Loans

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Suffering from bad credit? You can still acquire your dream home or real estate property even with a black mark on your credit report with a second chance loan. Get a bad credit home loan. Intellichoice Finance can help.

Bad credit home loans give you the opportunity to purchase a property even after a bankruptcy or defaults on your credit file. Our loan experts have extensive experience in bad credit loans making it easier to connect with the best bank and lenders possible for your financial situation.


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Bad Credit Home Loans

Bad credit home loans can help you secure a loan even with a poor credit score or bad credit history. There are many reasons why people end up with a bad credit rating. Regardless of your unfortunate circumstances, you still may be eligible for a home loan.

At Intellichoice, we handle the loans that other brokers don’t know how to handle and we have been successfully providing bad credit home loans for years.

With bad credit to worry about, a new enquiry or a failed loan application would not be an ideal addition to your credit file. This is what makes financial services like Intellichoice Finance advantageous. We carefully access your financial situation without having to make an enquiry on your file, thus, creating no further damage to your credit history. Directly applying to a bank does not give you that feature, besides the fact that a bad credit loan application approval is almost close to impossible through a bank.

With our wealth of mortgage broking experience, we have the expertise to source the best options for people with bad credit. Whether you have had previous bankruptcy, low income or a default on your credit file, we may still be able to help you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get a home loan and finally own your dream home.

There are some differences between this type of loan compared to a traditional home loan. You may be required to provide a bigger deposit. This is because if you have a bad credit it’s difficult to get mortgage insurance. Normally when borrowing more than eighty (80%) of your property value, you are required to obtain Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). At Intellichoice, we provide you with all the information you need to acquire a bad credit loan and we walk you through the process in a simple, easy to understand, way.

How long is your bad credit recorded for?

Your credit report will show all credit related enquiries in the last 5 years. All defaults and judgments usually stay on your credit file, irrespective of whether they are paid or not for a period of 5 years from the date they are listed. Bankruptcy information may remain on your credit file for up to 7 years

Can credit repair improve my credit rating?

If you fix your credit file before you apply for a home loan then lenders will look at your application as though you had no bad credit. Talk to us about it when you call.

Can I apply for a home loan with a bad credit rating?

Most of the time it’s difficult to get a loan from traditional lenders if you have bad credit, however, our expert approach means that we will find the right lender for you, that can consider your situation when they assess your application.

Who can qualify for a home loan?

Usually, bad credit home loans are suited to people who have had unfortunate events like divorce, injury, loss of a job or business failure. If this has then resulted in black marks on your credit file, traditional lenders will be unlikely to lend to you. This is where you may qualify for a bad credit home loan.

What to do!

It’s good to review your own credit history to ensure that there are no bad credit listings noted on your credit file. To do this, you can obtain a copy of your credit report, from VEDA Advantage.

Bad credit loans are assessed on a case by case basis. As each person’s credit history and borrowing requirements are different, so are the options.

Why Intellichoice?

We specialise in bad credit home loans. Our ethical and honest approach means that you get the service and opportunities you need, to own your own home. We have access to niche funding sources, ideally suited to assisting borrowers seeking a bad credit home loan or bad credit mortgage for investment purposes.

Our reputation precedes us with hundreds of happy clients all over Australia, successfully obtaining a home loan. Often loans can be approved for applicants with a bad credit history at around the same interest rates for borrowers with no credit impairments. Talk to us today about your bad credit home loan options and we will take care of you. Contact us on 1300 55 10 45, and get your loan.


Our team of experts spends the time to find out about you and your circumstances. We will determine the best options for you based on your earnings, any debts you might still have and your current needs and objectives.


Are mortgages for borrowers that have what is considered an impaired or bad credit history. These home loans are specifically tailored to accommodate the lending requirements of borrowers who have a credit history and these include defaults, judgements or bankruptcy.


We can help you obtain home and investment loans where other lenders said no. Loans can often be approved for applicants with a bad credit history at around the same interests rates for borrowers with no credit impairments. Talk to our Loan Specialist about your Bad Credit Home Loan options and your unique circumstances in complete confidence.

Frequently asked questions

What is Bad Credit?

When you’ve got a bad credit history you’re typically not qualified for a loan from a bank or traditional credit lender. However, there are loan options available. You’ll simply need to show that you can repay the loan by providing evidence of a regular income, whether that’s through employment or Centrelink. If you’re unemployed and require a loan.

How can I get approved for a loan if I have bad credit?

Fortunately, there are lenders out there who look beyond your credit file. These bad credit loan lenders will take into account income, equity and other things that will enable you to acquire an advance.

How do I get a home loan with bad credit?

One of the fundamental factors that will decide whether you will be accepted will be your income and the nature of your bad credit. Typically, if your bad credit was triggered by a life event then lenders tend to be more understanding. However, if you were aware of your bad credit but continually and knowingly made it worse, then lenders may be more skeptical. Regardless, researching your options, attempting to fix up your credit and choosing an expert loan specialist to run with should enable you to get back on track.

What do I do if I have a bad credit rating?

A bad credit history will usually mean that traditional lenders see you as a credit risk and therefore, it will be more difficult to obtain finance. However, we can provide support to those seeking bad credit loans and find the most competitive interest rate with the best terms of repayment available. For more information on bad credit loans, view our bad credit loans page or speak to one of our Loan Specialists.

How do I fix a bad credit rating?

A bad credit rating has an impact on your ability to borrow money from traditional lenders. However, there are a number of things you can do to fix your bad credit rating. Here are a few tips we suggest: Pay Off Your Debts A bad credit history will never be repaired if you have black marks and outstanding defaults on your credit file. If you are struggling to pay off your debt, you should consider talking to one of our Loan Specialist they can assist you in your situation.

How can I get a bad credit rating?

This is a lot easier than most people think. Even a few small missed payments or changing your address and not letting your creditors know can result in a black mark on your credit file. This negative posting can remain on your credit document for a considerable length of time.

What is a secured bad credit personal loan?

A bad credit personal loan is ‘secured’ when the borrower offers up an asset such as a car or jewelry as collateral or security. The lender can then seize the asset if the borrower fails to repay the loan.

I am embarrased about my bad credit rating. What are my options?

This is a typical situation – you are not the only one. We see in some cases that life can throw tough times at us, and you may have had difficulty with making payments on time. Our experts will look at your situation and discuss the best finance solutions available to you.

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