Asset Finance Videos

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Asset Finance Videos


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Asset Finance is lending that uses your existing business assets as security

Perhaps you need to buy equipment such as vehicles or machinery – or upgrade your information technology. Whatever your requirements, Asset Finance will allow you to borrow against your existing assets. Upon successful Asset Finance approval, there is a choice of two scenarios: You can either lease the new acquisition and pay ‘rent’ on it, returning it or upgrading as required, or you can ‘pay it off’ and eventually own the equipment or ‘asset’ outright. We purchase the vehicle you need and lease it back to you, when the lease expires you can either return or purchase the asset. Choose the scenario that best meets the needs of your business. Intellichoice brokers are specialists in asset financing solutions and can help you sort through the options to find the lender that most closely meets your business requirements. Click on our Online Form to have someone contact you about Asset Finance, or Apply Online for speedier service. Keep watching Asset Finance videos for more information…