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Business loans can help organizations get through a tough phase in the company. Such financial help can also provide financing for expansion and growth. Grow your business with Intellichoice, get a business loan quote today

Having a hard time with the cash flow of your growing business. A bump in your finances through a business loan may help. Looking into trading or importing goods from overseas? A Trading Finance Loan can help you through this. Confused with what type of business loan to get? Learn more by talking to an Intellichoice loan expert today.


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Business finance is the blood your business needs to grow. You can only go so far “Bootstrapping” your business until either GST or new employees or unexpected bills affect your hard-won cash flows in ways you didn’t expect. Over 15 years we have seen numerous businesses face the same challenges. As Lenders sometimes make you feel as if they “Give you an Umbrella” when the sun is shining and take it away when it rains, you always need to have the facilities organized well before they are needed and when everyone still wants to be your friend. We provide small and large entities with finance that will enable them to advance or to save them from a worse situation. Every small business person knows how hard it is to get access to funds these days, but even when you do get approved by your bank or finance company, the paperwork can be mind-boggling and the settlement timeframe can be long. At Intellichoice, we take the pain away from accessing the finance you need. Intellichoice Financial Services is one of Australia’s premier finance companies. Whether it is invoice finance, inventory finance, a new or used motor vehicle, plant and equipment, machinery – Intellichoice Financial Services can get the job done. Over the past 15 years, we have been working with leading Australian private finance companies and financiers, believing that this the best alternative in financing your business! Whether it’s a short-term finance, equipment financing or even business finance with bad credit, our brokers here in Intellichoice finance can help you get the loan you need and suited for your business. Intellichoice Financial Services can organise finance for you, today. if you have been in business or just got your ABN – we can help. It’s that simple. Contact Intellichoice Financial Services to be given the expertise you deserve. Quick, speedy approvals are just a phone call away allowing you the time to concentrate on other things. Lacking the finance to build your business? Want to start up a new business or have problems with cash flow! Want to buy a franchise or established business! Bank said no!  

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Our services include funding for growth. When you want to take your company to the next level, your bank may be unwilling to back you up. At Corporate Guardian, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses expand.

We offer many different types of business loans to help you grow your company. Whether your enterprise is new and lacks the requisite number of trading years to get bank funding, or your bank simply won’t cooperate, Corporate Guardian can be your go-to source for support.

Business Finance Process

Our business funding resolution process is quick and efficient. We provide everything you need, from initial consultation and options clarification to helping you make decisions, implementing a plan and providing funds. We furnish all the resources and services you'll need, helping you to feel certain about a positive outcome. Consultation is free of charge, and we take no action without your consent.

How can Intellichoice Financial Services help?

We will help you with cash flow. By quickly releasing the cash of your assets sometimes could be crucial for your business or venture. We consider wide range of securities like cars, trucks, equipment, real estate, land, etc. Our finance options will get your business growing!

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Business Finance Process

Our business funding resolution process is quick and efficient. We provide everything you need, from initial consultation and options clarification to helping you make decisions…

Have an experienced Intellichoice Business Finance Specialist Review Your Goals

We will help you with cash flow. By quickly releasing the cash of your assets sometimes could be crucial for your business or venture. We consider wide range of securities like cars, trucks, equipment, real estate, land, etc. Our finance options will get your business growing!

Frequently asked questions

What’s a business loan?

A business loan is a money you borrow from a lender to cover business expenses. You repay a business loan plus interest and fees over a period of time. A business loan can be used to pay for expenses that the business is unable to pay for itself at that particular time The main difference between business loans and personal loans is that they’re limited to covering business costs.

How does a business loan work?

Business loans can be secured or unsecured and can come as a line of credit or lump sum payment. Lenders tend to require security for business loans, but you can find some that do not. Generally will not require security for a standard business loan and offer terms of between three months to three years. Costs differ but a fixed rate is usually charged and repayments can be made daily, weekly or monthly depending on the lender you select. However, it’s usually lined up with your business’ cash flow. Depending on what you’re borrowing for, how you need to repay and which lender you borrow from, the loan will work differently.

Different types of business loans & finance

Fixed term business loan, Line of credit loan, Business vehicle finance, Equipment loans, Working capital finance, Invoice financing, Bad credit business loans, Low doc business loans

How does a fixed-term business loan work?

If your application for a fixed-term loan is approved, the lender provides you with the loan amount and you agree to repay the amount over a fixed term. The terms offered to depend on the reason for the loan and the type of lender. Online and alternative lenders approve small business loans with short repayment periods, usually between three months and five years. In case you’re thinking about a more considerable loan for purchasing property, a vehicle fleet or heavy machinery, traditional banks give alternative loan options with repayment periods of up to 15 years or more

How does a line of credit for business work?

A line of credit involves you being approved for a particular credit limit. You are then ready to access these funds up to the amount you’ve been approved for. You’ll just be in charge of paying back what you actually borrowed, in addition to any other fees charged by the lender. Additionally, your lender will only charge you interest on the amount borrowed, not the entire amount you’re approved for. Depending on the lender, you may likewise be required to put up collateral as security for your line of credit. In the end, a business line of credit gives you control since you’re able to borrow only what you need and pay back the facility at your own pace. This added flexibility is what makes a business line of credit valuable and practical for business owners. It’s generally less expensive than traditional credit cards.

How does working capital finance work?

There are numerous reasons for a working capital loan, for example finding the money to pay your employees who have been waiting for their wages, to hold your business over until the Christmas period comes round again, growing your team as you and your current employees can’t handle the rush or buying new stock for your business if demand exceeds supply.Depending on the lender, a working capital loan is an unsecured business loan, which means you do not need to put down any assets in order to be approved. Rates vary between lenders and some lenders offer risk-based pricing, so the rate will differ between businesses.

What is "bad credit" and can I still get a business loan?

There’s no one definition of bad credit, particularly with regards to business loans. Lenders will generally look at the personal credit histories of company directors, and if the business is established they may also look at the business’s credit history If you personally have bad credit, that is, default listings, missed or late payments, various credit inquiries or just a low credit score, you may think it’s hard to be approved for a business loan. Difficult, however not impossible.

What is Low doc loans?

These loans allow you to get the business financing you require without giving extensive financial statements, yet it can be hard to get approval.

How does a low doc business loan work?

Low doc business loans don’t require the same level of financial statements and documentation as ordinary full doc business loans. This makes them a reasonable choice for any business that can’t give the necessary tax returns and financial statements that are generally required to qualify for financing, such as self-employed borrowers, startups businesses with complex structures. Any businesses that can’t show a high income, for instance, if you have been reinvesting funds back into your business However, because lenders accept a higher level of risk when they approve loans to low doc borrowers, this type of financing usually attracts higher interest rates than ordinary business loans. You’ll additionally need to sign a declaration confirming your current business income to qualify for a loan, and offer an asset as collateral for the loan.

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