Inventory Finance

Provides businesses with finance for the acquisition of stock

Inventory Finance

Inventory Finance can help your business grow and achieve faster ROIs. But how do you apply for one without conflicting with your business cash flow and other financial areas in your business. A loan specialist from Intellichoice Finance can help you go through the process of an inventory finance application. Talk to an expert today.


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Inventory finance provides businesses with finance for the acquisition of stock for manufacturing or resale to their clients.

Inventory finance is unique in that the stock to be financed does not have to be pre-sold, invoiced or delivered to your customers. Additionally, real estate security is not required.

Our range of customised inventory or stock finance solutions allows distributors and dealers in a wide range of industries to hold more stock without cash flow strain.

Benefits of inventory/stock finance include:

1. Grow your business and profits without the reliance on equity in property or restrictive traditional finance facilities

2. Improve your working capital and have the flexibility to purchase stock and make repayments that match your cash flow

3. Buy the stock with no deposit – 100% funding, including GST

4. Expand your customer base and stop missing out on profitable sales and orders

5. Accept seasonal orders

6. Increase your purchasing power

7. Obtain bulk discounts on wholesale purchases from your suppliers by ordering in larger quantities

8. Avoid lost sales from stock-outs and ensure maximum stock held for peak selling seasons

9. No real estate security required

Still confused? Have questions? Our loan specialists here in Intellichoice Finance can help you get through the process step-by-step. Call us or set an appointment today.


Our team of experts spends the time to find out about you and your circumstances. We will determine the best options for you based on your earnings, any debts you might still have and your current needs and objectives.


Intellichoice spends the time sifting through the hundreds of products and opportunities that are out there and find the right ones for your needs. We will then present it all in a manner that you can clearly understand.

Frequently asked questions

How can we help you with invoice finance?

It’s our job to find you the best invoice finance deal from a wide range of lenders, who specialize in different financial sectors and markets. We work hard in the background to gather the relevant information to arrange your finance quickly while you focus on your business. At Intellichoice, we can reach out to the decision makers and relevant lenders at a large number of firms to ensure your application gets through quickly and reaches the right person.

How does inventory finance work?

Here’s how it works.

1) The lender pays your supplier
2) The supplier ships the goods and you restock your inventory
3) You sell your goods and repay the lender

What businesses use unsecured inventory finance?

For the most part, unsecured inventory finance is used by manufacturers of consumer products and auto dealers that have money tied up in inventory. Usually, the business will be ordering from overseas suppliers, causing a delay between paying the supplier and receiving the goods. This causes cash flow issues.

What are the benefits?

1) Enhance your business profile.

2) Ideal for overseas suppliers

3) Avoid using working capital

4) No security required

What should I keep in mind before applying?

There are a few points to consider before applying:

a) How serious are you?

b) What is the nature of your inventory?

c) Are you confident in your inventory?

d) What is your credit like?

What will I need to apply for inventory finance?

While this will vary lender to lender, it is a smart idea to gather and assess the following documents prior to applying.

1) Inventory management records

2) Current inventory list

3) Balance sheets

4) Record of sales

5) Profit and loss statements

6) Business tax return

7) Personal tax return: If you are a sole trader or have recently started a business, this may be required by a lender.

How to qualify for unsecured inventory finance?

Lenders need to see that you’re ready to make repayments, so you need to prove that your business is in fit shape financially. While you don’t need to put up collateral for an unsecured inventory loan, your business must meet a few criteria. Industry type, time in the industry, minimum annual revenue and credit defaults

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