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Bad credit issues making it hard to get approved for a business loan? We can help you. Intellichoice Finance has extensive experience in connecting businesses with bad credit to the right banks and lenders that understand your situation

Bad credit can hinder businesses to get back up or grow. We understand your situation. Intellichoice will not allow a default to decrease the chances of your company's success. A bad credit business loan can help you. We are ready to help. Talk to an Intellichoice loan expert today.


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Are you looking for "EQUIPMENT Finance" for your business but having "BAD CREDIT ISSUES"?

Our company looks at the reasons why there may be a bad credit showing on your business or you personally. Health issues, divorce or children in college may cause credit to drop. Intellichoice looks at the entire reasons why your company may need “Refinancing or Leasing”Loans for Equipment to increase or grow your business. Leasing and financing additional equipment for a business can increase profits, expand networks, and generate faster ROI’s. However, investing in machinery can be costly and may hurt your business’ cash flow. Here is where equipment financing gets in the picture. We make judgments calls every day to help you or our customers rebuild businesses at the same time and at the same time help credit. We live in the same world as you and know bad things happen to good people. We can work through bankruptcy and foreclosures as long as it is all documented properly. We will give you the lease for your “Heavy Equipment” or get you financing while working to get you the best interest rate and terms available. Our company has the ability to get you FINANCED today! Intellichoice specialises in the difficult-to-get loans and we’ve been successfully providing bad credit car loans to clients all over Australia.  There are many reasons why people find themselves with a bad credit rating.  You may have been turned down by the banks but here at Intellichoice, we may be your second chance at the vehicle you need. Whether it’s a truck, plant or equipment, Intellichoice provides the best finance options for clients with bad credit. Our specialist team has been sourcing the difficult-to-get loans for business owners, for years. If it’s fast, hassle-free equipment, plant or truck loans you need, Intellichoice have the answers. We know what we’re doing with bad credit loans for business owners looking to finance their vehicles, plant, and equipment. Through our arrangements with our lenders, we can find the deals that other brokers can’t match.

Clients keep coming back to us for their commercial and business needs.

If you’ve found the ideal item, vehicle or piece of equipment, come and speak to us and we can walk you through the relevant finance options.

  • Fast approval
  • Used vehicle and equipment
  • Low doc truck loans available
  • Only need proof of income – tax returns not essential
  • Paid defaults are fine
  • New ventures or owner-driver second trucks
  • Fixed or flexible monthly repayments
  • Flexible terms
  • Vehicle and Fleet Leasing
  • Earthmoving loans: bobcats, excavators
  • Heavy commercial vehicles: semi-trailer, tractors, prime-movers, buses, coaches, trailers
  • Plant and equipment loans: printers, factory equipment, robotic machinery, manufacturing equipment
  • Forklift and Materials Handling Equipment
  • Computer/Office: servers, computers, desk, furniture, wiring
  • Agricultural Equipment: harvesters, helicopters, airplanes, agricultural machinery, livestock management equipment, vehicles, trucks
  • Shop Fitouts: fitouts for commercial retail and other commercial property
  • Healthcare/Laboratory Equipment: dental, surgery, hospital, biomedical and other tools
  • Boat and other marine finance
  • Tailored Customer Care

Do you think you might have a bad credit but not sure ? If you think so, you can obtain a credit check. If you’ve just been knocked back by your bank, call our Customer Care team on 1300 55 10 45.

Whether it’s a truck, plant or equipment

Intellichoice provides the best finance options for clients with bad credit.  Our specialist team have been sourcing the difficult-to-get loans for business owners, for years.

If it’s fast, hassle-free equipment, plant or truck loans you need, Intellichoice have the answers…

Relevant Finance Options

If you’ve found the ideal item, vehicle or piece of equipment, come and speak to us and we can walk you through the relevant finance options…

Frequently asked questions

Bad Credit History?

Try not to stress over it. We’ve been securing business equipment loans for people with a bad credit history for many years. Because of the relationships, we have with the lenders we work with, we can get you a loan to suit your present situation.

What are the benefits of dealing with someone like you instead of going to my bank?

We are exceptionally fortunate to have access to a wide range of leaders from around the country. Ranging from the big banks to the smaller non-banks and second chance lenders. This means more choices for you to discover you the best deal and a product that will suit your needs. The application process is simple with minimal paperwork required. When we have gotten everything from you, we will take care of the rest and keep you updated constantly until approved. Our experts at Intellichoice are also available at all times whenever you need them. Business hours, after hours, weekends, we are there for you every step of the way.

What is a bad credit equipment loan?

Like traditional equipment loans, bad credit equipment loans supply businesses with funds for equipment. Nonetheless, unlike other loans, they may likewise be available for people who have been denied elsewhere because of reasons such as part IX debt agreements, credit defaults, bankruptcy and other potential credit issues. TIP: Try not to put numerous inquiries on your credit file by applying to many lenders.

Why Choose Us?

Intellichoice Financial Services makes funding your business quick and simple. You wouldn’t want to let a bad credit history prevent your dreams from becoming a reality, would you? We understand this and will work with you to get the finance you need when you need it. We have a stellar track record four out of our five applicants get approved most of them within 48 hours. We won’t keep you in limbo, wondering about the state of your application. We are a company based on trust rather than mistrust.

Why should we work together?

Some of the BEST reasons are

1) Up to $1000,0000

2) Bad/Poor credit acceptable

3) Over 90% approvals.

4) Fast 48 hours approvals

I need to purchase equipment. Should I purchase the equipment or a lease?

We have over 30 reputable lenders that offer bad credit loans for the purchase of equipment. However if you only need the equipment for the short term, or you are unsure if your business can afford the rates being offered you can consider some lease options as well. This includes the hire purchase, where the financier purchases the equipment on your behalf and you pay it off in installments, or a finance lease where the lender rents the equipment to you for an agreed upon period.

What terms are available for my loan?

We provide all types of loan terms for truck and equipment finance options. Most loan terms vary between two and seven years.

How can I get a loan with bad credit?

The best thing you can do is speak to our experts, such as our team at Intellichoice. Trying to secure a loan with a bad credit history by yourself will be very difficult. Be honest and open about your credit history, and if you can pay down or consolidate your current debts, it will improve your prospects.

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