Bad Credit Car Loans

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Bad credit car loans are your second chance loans in purchasing your dream car. Suffering from bad credit? Intellichoice finance can help.

Car financing is available even for people with bad credit. A bad credit car loan can help you finance an automobile purchase even with bad credit. Talk to an Intellichoice car loan specialist today.


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Bad Credit Car Loans Australia by Intellichoice Finance

Bad credit car loans make it possible to purchase your dream automobile even with bad credit mortgages, poor credit score or currently in a financial situation. Intellichoice Finance has been working with clients all over Australia with different credit file histories as well as car finance for clients with no previous repayment history. Our finance specialist can guide and help you through the process of getting your loan approved with better interest rates.

The Intellichoice Difference

The application process for a bad credit car loan is a breeze with Intellichoice. Our mortgage brokers work on behalf of our clients. We believe in providing valuable insight and advice to save you time and money. Even clients who suffered from bankruptcy can secure a car loan with bad credit from us. Our fast, online car loan application process enabled clients with poor credit histories to purchase their dream car, even when other lenders won’t give them a chance to get their car loan approved.

Intellichoice offers videos, guide, articles, and phone in interviews to help you understand if a bad credit car loan is for you. We will help you find the right lender for you. With Intellichoice numerous partners in the business, we can help you secure a car finance at the best rate possible compared to others.

Seeking help from a financial service such as Intellichoice Finance helps you comprehend if you are indeed suited for a bad credit car loan. Our experienced loan specialists will help you understand how to increase your chances of getting approved for a car loan. We can also guide you through the process of improving your credit if you fail to qualify for a second chance loan.

Car Finance for People With Bad Credit

It’s because of our knowledge and expertise with the right approach to getting a car loan on a bad credit. At Intellichoice, we address each person’s individual circumstances to get you the best car loan. No matter what your credit profile is, we can help. We work with people who have good, fair, bad or no previous repayment history. Intellichoice connects our clients to reputable lenders in the market that can help you fulfill your dream vehicle.

What’s great about bad credit car loans is that you can improve your credit rating. Please note that you need to pay off personal loans and loan repayments to be able to improve your credit. This will also reflect on your credit file, thus improving your credit score in the process.

Let’s zoom together with your new ride. Call us and get your dream car in no time.

What is a Bad Credit Rating Car Loan?

A bad credit car loan is for people that cannot get pre-approved for a car loan through traditional lending sources. If you’ve had a low credit score or you have a low income, you may have encountered rejection from traditional lenders and methods.

Such loans are considered risky. However, with bad credit car loans and lenders ready to re-access your current financial situation to check your capacity to repay your loan, it is still possible to get a car loan approved, despite being a high-risk client.

Who Should Apply for a Bad Credit Car Loan?

If you’ve previously had a bad credit rating or your suffered bankruptcy then a bad credit car loan is going to suit you.

You must be discharged from bankruptcy before you can get approved. A bad credit car loan will help you get a second chance at finance to prove yourself and earn a good credit rating again.

What Loan Term Can I Have?

Depending on how severe the bad credit was the loan term can range from 2 to 7 years. Only minor defaults will qualify for a 7-year term so it’s more than likely it will only be a term from 2 to 5 years. The length of term will also depend on how much your income will service the loan.

How Do I Qualify for a Bad Credit Car Loan?

In order to qualify you need to:

1. Currently, residing in Australia.

2. Have a residency or a visa.

3. Able to obtain car insurance.

Most lenders require a working phone number and proof of residences such as a utility or credit card statement.

If you think you have a really bad credit rating and have been turned down in the past, we may be able to help. Call Intellichoice, today, on 1300 55 10 45.


Our team might be able to help you get a car loan despite your credit history. We can help you to achieve your dream of owning a new car or second-hand car fast. We give our clients’ a fair to go.


If you think you need a second chance don’t give up. We will work with you to make sure you get the best car loan with repayments which you can afford. At Intellichoice we will find a car loan that suits your needs from one of our reputable lenders.

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