Car Loan

Are you are looking to buy a car or planning to upgrade by getting a car loan to finance your purchase? Hesitant because you have a bad credit record? We at Intellichoice are ready to help you with your bad credit car loan. Our partnership with different lending companies will allow you to make your dream car come true. You can finally have your own a car for your daily job or for your family’s weekend vacation trips. Intellichoice car loan and bad credit car loan products are established and tailored to suit your specific needs. Call us now at 1300 55 10 45 and talk to one of our specialists.

Here at Intellichoice, we have two kinds of car financing – secured and unsecured car loans. Though secured car loans have cheaper interest rates, both personal loans are best for clients who can manage or recover his credit. Our insightful information will help you choose the right car and loan options. We can help you secure a second hand or a brand new one or secure a low deposit car financing.

Here in Australia, we at Intellichoice pride ourselves as one of the expert companies in the car loan industry. We can guarantee we can help you get the best car without worrying about your credit record.

Finding a finance solution for you is our expertise because we have access to the best car loan parameters here in Australia. We can find ways even if you don’t fit into the bank’s strict lending criteria. We can help you with any of your credit concerns and provide alternative car loans by assessing you based on your merits so that our service tailors to your budget and circumstances.

Intellichoice also offers the best type of car insurance in town. We help you against possible problems such as theft, damage, fire, and other situations that might likely to happen to your car.

The first thing you must do for you to determine how much you need to borrow is to know the price of the vehicle you want to purchase. How much of your personal money will be used as additional budget to the purchase? We can guide you on how to improve your chances of getting approved. Building your credit through a car loan repayment scheme suitable to you is also a guarantee we offer.

With this, our company will help you with the right options available and connect you to the lenders that cater your kind of situation. Depending on your needs, Intellichoice will help you with different options to choose.