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Whether you need to renovate your home, plan for a holiday or wedding or need to consolidate your debts, a mortgage broker from Intellichoice can help you with a personal loan to make it happen.

Unjust Bad Credit File - Intellichoice
Unjust Bad Credit File | Bad Credit Home Loans Having an unblemished credit file can be the difference between having to get a bad credit home loan with higher interest rates and fees and getting a loan with lower interest rates and fees through a mainstream lender. Latham Moore & Associates are a consulting firm who specialise...
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Do I need Good Credit to get a Home Loan - Intellichoice
Do I need Good Credit to get a Home Loan If you need a home loan, investment loan, debt consolidation loan or would like to refinance an existing mortgage, rest assured that we can help you irrespective of your credit history. We will do all the legwork and research on the various home loans and...
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Tips for Maintaining your Credit File - Intellichoice
Hints And Tips – Maintaining your Credit File There are times when a course of action can have both a beneficial and an adverse outcome. Knowing the consequence of taking or not taking a particular course of action, will permit you to determine which the right choice is for you. Listed below are some of...
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What Can I do about unpaid defaults on my credit file - Intellichoice
What Can I Do About Unpaid Defaults On My Credit File Just about everyone experiences financial hardship at some point in their lives. It can occur for a myriad of reasons, loss of employment, a serious medical condition which prevents them from working, relationship breakdowns where you may believe your ex-partner is making repayments when...
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bad credit
I Have A Bad Credit……..Can I Still Get A Loan? Non-conforming lenders, also known as specialised or sub-prime lenders exist to provide bad credit loans to those people who do not fit with the traditional bank lending criteria. Typically their credit file will have a default, judgment, clear out, Part 9 or Part 10 or bankruptcy listing...
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