Understanding How Intellichoice Approaches Trade Finance for their Clients

Understanding How Intellichoice Approaches Trade Finance for their Clients

Intellichoice – Trade Finance


Watch this video to gain an understanding of how Trade Finance is used when companies are looking to import goods or finished products into Australia. Accessing Trade Finance can facilitate rapid growth because through Trade Finance, the company is not limited to the traditional “Bricks & Mortar” Lending offered by most banks, with some lenders only requiring an end sale for us to secure. If you think this would benefit your future plans be sure to reach out to us.

Video Transcript

I remember as a banker, you know, the trade related facilities were very complicated. There were a range of different requirements from the bank’s perspective. And yes, it was a difficult area of finance. We have specialist trade financiers now that are able to simplify that process. But as well as that, they are able to back on to finance when financing the payment or the production in the payment cycle for clients who are importing to manufacture, to then supply to their Australian customers. So the ability for us to link if you like two financiers together and provide a back to back solution for the client, means that we can fund the transactions or the full cycle for full construction or production and payment cycle, supply cycle for the client and that ability to integrate those independent financiers is again a very strong option that we can provide our clients.

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