Bad Credit

If you feel that an entry has been made against your file incorrectly or unjustly, there are organisations that specialise in removing defaults from people’s credit files.

Can I buy a car with defaults on my credit file - intellichoice
I have defaulted on my credit file …….will I be able to purchase a car???? There are financiers who provide bad credit car loans and specialists who can source them on your behalf; however, your eligibility will be determined by the nature and the severity of the credit impairment.   Keep in mind that a car loan is securitised...
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Unjust Bad Credit File - Intellichoice
Unjust Bad Credit File | Bad Credit Home Loans Having an unblemished credit file can be the difference between having to get a bad credit home loan with higher interest rates and fees and getting a loan with lower interest rates and fees through a mainstream lender. Latham Moore & Associates are a consulting firm who specialise...
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Tips for Maintaining your Credit File - Intellichoice
Hints And Tips – Maintaining your Credit File There are times when a course of action can have both a beneficial and an adverse outcome. Knowing the consequence of taking or not taking a particular course of action, will permit you to determine which the right choice is for you. Listed below are some of...
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What Can I do about unpaid defaults on my credit file - Intellichoice
What Can I Do About Unpaid Defaults On My Credit File Just about everyone experiences financial hardship at some point in their lives. It can occur for a myriad of reasons, loss of employment, a serious medical condition which prevents them from working, relationship breakdowns where you may believe your ex-partner is making repayments when...
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bad credit
I Have A Bad Credit……..Can I Still Get A Loan? Non-conforming lenders, also known as specialised or sub-prime lenders exist to provide bad credit loans to those people who do not fit with the traditional bank lending criteria. Typically their credit file will have a default, judgment, clear out, Part 9 or Part 10 or bankruptcy listing...
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