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Owner builder mortgage is especially designed for people who want ot build their own home and often the banks and lenders will use the property as security for your mortgage.(tag)

How to Become and Owner Builder in Australia Intellichoice Finance
Building your dream home in a land that you enjoy the view and adore the neighborhood is a vision we all would want to achieve. However, for the risk-takers and courageous, it is indeed possible to build your envisioned home in a property of your choosing, through owner-building. Buying a property and constructing your home...
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OwnerBuilder Financing Road FAQs Answered Intellichoice Finance Owner Builder Loans
Owner-Builder Loans Basics: What You Need to Know As an owner builder trying to get a loan, there are many questions that you want answers. You may consult a financial advisor or a mortgage broker specializing in construction loans. And if you have started your research, you may have figured that getting an owner-builder loan...
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Find an Owner Builder Home Loans - intellichoice
Owner Builder Loans Australia Your home may be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. It is a big decision and one that may have a long-term impact on your financial strategy. The challenge for an owner builder is to demonstrate to the lender the “intrinsic” value you bring to your project. ...
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Thinking about becoming an owner builder - intellichoice
Thinking about becoming an owner builder? There is something satisfying about completing your home as an owner builder, kicking back on the DIY balcony, beer in hand and admiring the view. Along the way, you may have also saved yourself some money and picked up some handy skills. But the fact is – being an...
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The affordable option - intellichoice
The affordable option The great Australian dream of owning a home now extends to those who want to build or renovate the home of their dreams. And it is affordable. Industry figures show that for renovating and extensions alone, the daily spend around the country exceeds $12 million. That means we are spending about $500,000...
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Owner Builder Loan - Intellichoice
Have you ever dreamt of building your own house or renovating the existing one? Building a new home can be like a dream come true for many people but it is very costly and you may not be able to cover all the expenses without giving up on most of your savings.   No matter at...
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Owner Builder Renovations - intellichoice
Owner Builder Renovations George and Mary Ansett were looking to do a major renovation of their existing Colonial workers cottage. They needed more space and so developed plans to raise the house and build in underneath. They started off the project drawing down on the equity they had built up in their loan over the...
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The Tale of an Unprepared Owner Builder - intellichoice
The Tale of an Unprepared Owner Builder Like many couples, Mr & Mrs Ascott wanted to build their dream home. They weren’t extremely wealthy but they had a bit of cash they could redraw from their loan. They had bought their home 10 years ago and it had appreciated in value significantly. Given the economic...
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Owner Builder Loans like we do - intellichoice
Not everyone is as passionate about Owner Builder Loans as Intellichoice, a Brisbane based company that specialises in obtaining finance for Owner Builders throughout Australia. According to our CEO, the client projects that give him the most satisfaction are the ones who have already tried to get finance themselves. “I love it when clients come to...
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