Financing Your Business: Understanding Available Options

Financing Your Business: Understanding Available Options

Sales are going up and so is Cashflow, but traditional lenders want to see two years’ historical figures and tax returns to advance facilities. What’s the solution? Find video’s on our website covering Debtor Finance, Leasing Finance, Short Term Finance, Franchisee Finance, Development Finance and Leasing & Asset Finance – watch this one for a mention of Niche Finance Lenders. Your Intellichoice Specialist Broker will assess your situation and determine the best solution for your business. Contact us for an in-depth discussion of your needs.

Video Transcript:

Intellichoice is on the side of the borrower

We decided years ago to make sure we focused on niches that we felt we best had experience that would help a business expand or grow. And to those ends there’s niche markets that traditional banking won’t allow for.

At the moment we’re kicking some major goals for our clients because we have on board a range of full range of niche funders. These are people who don’t want to be all things to all clients, all they want to do is to good in their particular area. And it allows us to provide finance in areas such as trade-related finance, cash flow finance, a whole range of things. These people are not wanting to be retro facing, they want to look at the transactions going forward and so they have a real difference of aspect when they consider their client’s needs. And so people who don’t have a track record perhaps or they don’t have financials, but what they have is a great distribution arrangement and supply arrangement, but banks aren’t interested because they don’t have the track record. With our financiers that we have on board, they are wanting to embrace the client’s vision with their business and take that vision forward.

They don’t want to have a huge turnover straightaway, they’re happy to grow with the client. So the client can start off from scratch pretty much and they can grow their business. And our financiers are willing to go with them in that journey and take them to high turnovers, high profitable levels. And it’s very exciting for us as financiers when we’re able to take clients on that journey, and it’s a great arrangement. We’ve worked hard to get these niche financiers on board. It’s not an easy thing to do, there’s a lot of effort to get them there once we have them on board. It’s very rewarding.