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Find the Right Invoice Finance

If you are losing $1,000s in business because of a lack of business cash flow, then invoice finance is the solution for you Australian small and medium-sized businesses often find themselves faced with wonderful market place opportunities but may have difficulty growing or expanding their business due to the strict lending criteria of the banks […]

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Tips for Maintaining your Credit File

Hints And Tips – Maintaining your Credit File There are times when a course of action can have both a beneficial and adverse outcome. Knowing the consequence of taking or not taking a particular course of action, will permit you to determine which the right choice is for you. Listed below are some of those […]

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Can I still get a loan with bad credit?

I Have A Bad Credit……..Can I Still Get A Loan? Non-conforming lenders, also known as specialised or sub-prime lenders exist to provide bad credit loans to those people who do not fit with the traditional bank lending criteria. Typically their credit file will have a default, judgment, clear out, Part 9 or Part 10 or bankruptcy listing […]