Purchasing Your Own Home is an Important Life Milestone for Many People

Purchasing Your Own Home

Buying a home with poor credit file is not impossible. There’s a possibility that some lenders will be able to recognize that poor credit doesn’t necessarily mean you will default on a mortgage due to uncontrollable life events, such as suddenly losing your job, going through a separation or divorce or encountering a sudden illness, you may have ended up with some black marks on your credit.

However, having bad credit may not block you from getting a home loan and owning your own home or investment property. WE’LL GET YOU THE BEST DEAL You may have to pay a larger deposit and a higher interest rate because you cannot avail of home loans from mainstream lenders.

However, we will negotiate hard on your behalf to bring down the burden.We have a wide range of lenders who will accept borrowers with paid and unpaid defaults, discharged bankruptcy claims, mortgage arrears and a high number of credit inquiries on their credit files.

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