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How do owner-builder loans work?

How do Owner-Builder Loans Work?

Owner-builder loans are loan products specifically designed to borrowers planning to build their own house. Unlike any other types of loans, these loans have specific requirements that every potential borrower needs to prepare.  Building your own house or doing major renovations can be both stressful and overwhelming. Without any idea of this process, hiccups along […]

No Doc Home Loans Australia How to Apply and Qualify Intellichoice Finance Intellichoice Finance

No Doc Home Loans Australia: How to Apply and Qualify

Getting a mortgage in Australia for individuals with undocumented income can sometimes be difficult. If you are working as a freelancer, a contractor, handling a small business, a self-investor or self-employed, securing loans and financing follows a different process compared to employed people with regular incomes. In Australia, there are low doc construction loans available […]