Understanding How Intellichoice Approaches Short Term Finance For Their Clients

Understanding How Intellichoice Approaches Short Term Finance For Their Clients

Intellichoice – Short Term Finance


This video will provide insight into how Short-Term Finance is used when companies are looking to complete a transaction but a shortfall exists which hinders completion. Whether it’s Development Finance, Manufacturing Finance or Business Finance, Short Term Finance may provide a short term answer to the problem. The funding becomes critical when the term of a contract not only includes potential profit from a transaction but also any penalties for failing to complete a contract or agreement. A specialist broker will assess your individual situation to determine whether Short Term Finance could work for you. Contact us to access more detailed information.

Video Transcript:

That’s an area we’re finding more and more people are needing assistance with. Back on to the bank and the bank has come on board to a degree, but they’re balking at going that extra mile to allow the client to get the finance or to complete the transaction that they need. We’ve got financiers that are basically gonna be focused on the intake out of the deal. So they’re going to be much more holistic in their assessment of the deal than the major banks or major financiers., and this means that for people who are. We’ve got predominantly their finance all sorted for people. For people who just need that little bit extra, we’ve got specialist financiers that we can go to, to get them over the line. And it’s the difference between development transaction or a complicated manufacturing transaction. It’s the difference between succeeding and failing, and yeah it’s great to have those solutions available for our clients.

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