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Specialist Business Finance-How Equipment and Asset has to be Considered

Business Finance Loans by Intellichoice Learn about Specialist Business Finance, Equipment and Asset Finance by watching our video. What’s the critical information required when starting out in business? Financial commitment and structuring impact cash flow and tax-related matters and if set incorrectly at commencement, prove extremely difficult to amend. Talk to us first – we […]

equipment financing

Equipment Financing Means Flexible Solutions for Unique Business Needs

Equipment Financing Means Flexible Solutions for Unique Business Needs Financial circumstances are challenging numerous businesses today, and the current economic environment poses even greater difficulties for entrepreneurial startups and small businesses that are struggling to get established, grow or just stay in business. The characteristic innovation, agility and hard work of these businesses are precisely what the Australian economy needs to get move once more; however, their nature of being newer, less capitalized or less established creates a catch-22 that impedes their ability to secure the credit they need. That’s why it has never been more important for startups and small businesses to understand their alternatives for financing the equipment work and develop their businesses. Acquiring equipment through leasing and other financing techniques is more adaptable and adjustable to meet unique business needs than most funding alternatives. This makes equipment finance a perfect fit for startups and small businesses, both of which may experience difficulty getting traditional bank loans. With equipment finance, there’s no going through the same hoops as with commercial and industrial loans. For instance, normally most lenders want to see two years of financials, which startups, by definition, don’t have. Equipment finance is a $1 million industry in Australia, and it is anything but difficult to discover industry participants who customize their service offerings by end user industry, equipment type, ticket size or end-user business size. There are equipment finance companies that offer special programs for startups, and companies that specialize in services for small and mid-size companies The important thing to remember is that equipment finance companies offer flexible options that help equip a wide range of businesses for success. This is a particularly good time to finance equipment because there is such a great amount of liquidity in the marketplace. There are numerous funding sources—leasing companies and banks—that are looking to lend because they have the cash available to deploy. So, a highly competitive marketplace makes this a favorable time for end users to finance productive equipment.

For Borrowers With Credit Histories

For Borrowers With Credit Histories that May Have Black Mark Associated with Them

For Borrowers With Credit Histories that May Have Black Mark Associated with Them “Bad Credit Equipment Options: There are many different options businesses can choose from when it comes to bad credit equipment finance. These can include: a) Hire Purchase – Purchase your equipment in installments without having to tangle with ownership and asset declarations. Gain […]

equipment finance

Types of Equipment Finance Options

Types of Equipment Finance Options a.) Chattel Mortgage: This equipment finance option is nearest to a standard property mortgage because of its structure. The equipment will be owned by the business but will be used as the primary security against the loan. After the lender makes the payment to the supplier, you may be able […]