Do I need Good Credit to get a Home Loan

Do I need Good Credit to get a Home Loan - Intellichoice

Do I need Good Credit to get a Home Loan

Your credit score plays a big role in securing personal loans. These loans include home loans, car loans, emergency loans and other loans to be consumed for personal use.

There are many advantages when applying for a loan with a good credit score. You get better interest rates, more loan features you can use for your advantage and a higher chance of getting your loan application approved.

However, you can still get access to a personal loan even with a low credit score or a bad credit history. These are called bad credit loans. Bad credit loans are financing available for people who have a bad credit history but are capable of repaying a loan. However, they may not enjoy the loan features and low-interest rates that are enjoyed by loan applicants that have a better credit history. Nonetheless, with the right lender and sufficient documentation to prove your capacity to return a loan, it is still possible to get a personal loan granted, despite black marks on your credit file.

If you need a home loan, investment loan, debt consolidation loan or would like to refinance an existing mortgage, rest assured that we can help you irrespective of your credit history. We will do all the legwork and research on the various home loans and mortgage loans products available from our panel of approved mortgage lenders and find a home loan that suits your needs and circumstances.

The mortgage brokers at Intellichoice understand that everyone is different and come from a variety of backgrounds that might not fit the mold of traditional mortgage lenders. As a result, we have available a range of bad credit home loans, non conforming home loans, low doc home loans and bad credit car loans that are tailored to your unique situation.

If you would like more details on our bad credit home loans and low doc home loans, speak to a mortgage broker on 1300 55 10 45.