Why does Intellichoice do so much research for their Owner Builder Home Loans?

Owner Builder Home Loan Media

At Intellichoice, we pride ourselves on doing a lot of research to help our clients to obtain owner builder construction loans.

We use RPData and Real Estate .com and well as many other industry tools.

The main reason we put so much effort into our research is that we need to be able to present to a bank just how much your property will be worth once the project is completed.

In the current economic climate, valuers are under pressure to not overvalue property and it is very easy for them to take a conservative approach.

This means that in many cases, instead of taking the time to research the local area and make sure the value is right, they just take an average figure based across a number of local sales. While sometimes this valuation may be fair, it doesn’t take into account the individual qualities of the property.

So, part of our job at Intellichoice when we take on a client is to research exactly what is going on. What exactly will the property be like once it is completed? Are there many properties like that in the area? Is the area devalued because of a particular local issue that is not relevant to this property? Does the research indicate that the area is about to become a local hotspot?

A lot of the owner builders we take on as clients are experts in their particular area but don’t want to be concerned with the issues associated with dealing with banks. That is exactly where we come in and because we have done it before (a lot) we are able to often get a positive result, even in a difficult market by owner building it themselves.