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A construction loan is very specific to those who want to build a new home and sign a building contract with a licenced builder. The lender will determine the total amount you will need in order to pay your builder and then break it down into separate payments, called progress draws.

Defining a Good Owner Builder Owner Built Intellichoice Finance
Defining a Good Owner Builder There are several homeowners who have built their own homes and have become their own contractor of the project. They had the benefit of earning more equity, cutting down costs, and building a home they want. Building a home is not as complicated as you think. In fact, one out...
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How Does the Process Work at Intellichoice
We do things a little differently at Intellichoice and our system has helped many hundreds of Owner Builders successful finance their projects over the years. Step One Our first client contact usually is usually a phone call or an email. At that point we get a little bit of an overview of the type of...
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building loans
Although it isn’t the right choice for everyone, building a new home or renovating an existing home using a building loan can mean that you end up with exactly the home you want. No longer do you have to compromise and put up with the end results of someone else’ decisions. It is up to...
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Financed with a Construction Home Loan
The great Australian dream of owning your own home is an extremely strong part of our culture. Many people plan and save for their homes for years only to find that they can’t find the house that is exactly what they are searching for. So many people decide to build their own home or do...
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construction loans
The decision to build a new home using a construction home loan can be an extremely rewarding one. There are many reasons why people choose to build their own property. One of the most common is that by doing it this way, your home can be built exactly the way you want it to be....
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owner builder construction loans
For many people, particularly those that are new to the area of construction, owner builder construction loans can, at first glance at appear daunting and a bit scary. Once you understand both the industry and process however, you can quickly understand that they are loans that have been created for a particular purpose and need....
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