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How to Make Your Home Construction A Success Intellichoice Finance

How to Make Your Home Construction a Success by Intellichoice

Home construction can be complicated especially for first time home builders but it doesn’t have to be that way. Building a home entails several processes and each process can be tedious. Make every process a success by following these simple guidelines. Planning and Budgeting Planning. The first and the most important step is planning. Thoroughly […]

How to Build Your Own House Through a Mortgage Intellichoice Finance

How to Build Your Own House Through a Mortgage by Intellichoice

Building your own home could be a challenging yet an exciting project. When you decide to build your own house, it means you are taking the entire responsibility of building a home from scratch, from determining the layout, choosing the number of rooms, choosing the finishes, and even the landscaping. While the idea could be […]

No Doc Home Loans Australia How to Apply and Qualify Intellichoice Finance Intellichoice Finance

No Doc Home Loans Australia: How to Apply and Qualify

Getting a mortgage in Australia for individuals with undocumented income can sometimes be difficult. If you are working as a freelancer, a contractor, handling a small business, a self-investor or self-employed, securing loans and financing follows a different process compared to employed people with regular incomes. In Australia, there are low doc construction loans available […]

95 Home Loans A 5% Deposit Mortgage Intelllichoice Finance

95 Home Loans: A 5% Deposit Mortgage

For many Aussie home buyers, saving for a 20% deposit on home loans is not just feasible. Although you’ll get higher chances of getting a loan approved with a higher downpayment, as well as better interest rates, saving such amount can be a challenge for the average Australian. It’s a good thing there are home […]